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Tanzplan Quarterly Review99
4th quarter 20071046

The Contemporary Dance Pedagogy masters program / Frankfurt

Under the direction of Prof. Kurt Koegel the Masters program at the College of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt began as part of TANZLABOR_21.

5th and 6th of October
Course program in the areas of Cultural Management and Production Practice at K3/Hamburg

Sich verkaufen ohne sich zu verkaufen.... (How to sell yourself without selling yourself) or, Die Kunst, die Kunst zu Markte zu tragen (The art of marketing art) with Ulrike Steffel.

11th to 21st of October
Showcase of works: HERBSTLEUCHTEN / Potsdam

After one year of Tanzplan Potsdam: Artists in Residence it was time for a survey. With HERBSTLEUCHTEN, the fabrik Potsdam provided a showcase of the works of selected companies and choreographers who have worked, danced, researched and produced works as part of the residency programme. This was accompanied by SCHAUROOM, a workshop for everyone, including laypersons, wanting to deepen their appreciation and improve their perception of dance and performance.

15th of October
Solo / Dance / Authorship (SODA) Masters program

The first semester of the new masters program began at the Cooperative Dance Education Centre Tanzplan Berlin pilot project Berlin. 10 students were selected from over 80 applications for this Master of Arts program, which is based on artistic practice. In the winter semester courses focused especially on the examination of students own work processes and on issues around the methods and investigations of other choreographers and artists from different genres. Course director: Prof. Rhys Martin.

17th to 21st of October

In tanzplan essen 2010s first EXPLORATIONEN 07 symposium experienced participants and experts investigated art in terms of the resources available for rethinking learning in action, expeditions, lectures and performances. With Cornelius Borck, Allison Brown, Frauke Burgdorff, Kattrin Deufert & Tom Plischke, Mehdi Djalali, Tor Lindstrand, Carmen Mrsch & Ulrich Schtker, Dirk Pauwels & Kristof Blom, Boris Sieverts, Gesa Ziemer and others, an opening address by Bazon Brock, and a guest performance by Vincent Dunoyer / Rosas.

18th to 20th of October
Opening event K3: "Veronika Blumstein - Moving Heads" / Hamburg

Different formats such as lectures, performances, installations, workshops and discussions centred around topics important to the new centre such as the relationship between theory and practice in dance, choreographic ways of working, reconstruction, transmission, and the ongoing qualification of dancers, choreographers and audiences.
With choreographers and performers Gitta Barthel, Veronika Blumstein, Antoine Effroy, Joao Fiadeiro, Helena Golab, Angela Guerreiro, Victoria Hauke, Friederike Lampert, Katherina Oberlik, Peter Pleyer, Dorothea Ratzel, Jochen Roller, Anne Rudelbach, Karen Schaffman and Hooman Sharifi, dance experts Gabriele Klein, Pirkko Husemann and Janine Schulze, composer Michael Wolters, artist twins Deufert & Plischke, dramatic advisors Anne Kersting and Susanne Schlicher, dance journalists Edith Boxberger and Gabriele Wittmann, performance theoretician Bojana Kunst, theatre expert and performer Emil Hrvatin, documentary filmmaker Dorothea Griebach, students from the Performance Studies program at the University of Hamburg, the choreographers in residence at Tanzplan Hamburg Monica Antezana, Jenny Beyer, and Lina Lindheimer, and many other artists and theoreticians. Artistic directors: Sabine Gehm, Sandra Noeth.

19th and 20th of October
Presentation of the Geschichte und Rekonstruktion (History and Reconstruction) project with Anne Collod/Berlin

How can todays dance students be provided with an emancipatory, dynamic and at the same time fruitful relationship to the history of their own practice? The project was designed as an experimental laboratory of the production, transmission and interpretation of an extract of Vaslav Nijinskys main work of 1912, Laprs-midi dun faune (Afternoon of a faun), which opened up a radical new range of possibilities for dance. Anne Collod, member of the collective, worked from 25th of September until the 18th of October 2007 with students from the Bachelor of Arts course in Contemporary dance, Context and Choreography on methods and issues developed by the Le Quatuor Albrecht Knust collective, with the partitur (orchestral score) transcribed in Labans Kinetographie (Laban notation) and also with procedures developed by Yvonne Rainer.

22nd to 26th of October

Preparation began for the 1st Dance Education Biennale/Tanzplan Deutschland (26.2.-4.3.08 in Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin). Workshops were held from October to February with instructors and professors from participating training institutions and their students in universities and colleges. One topic of the 1st Biennale was the introduction of new learning tools and multimedia projects into dance training and education. In this context, preparatory workshops were held at all participating training institutions. Former Forsythe dancers worked on Improvisation Technologies, a CD-Rom by William Forsythe about movement improvisation, in October at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen with Thomas McManus.

29th to 31st of October
Workweek / Essen

The Aalto Ballett Essen, working together with the Department of Sports Science at the University of Bielefeld (Neuro-cognition and movement biomechanics division), held a workweek on the topic of "Intelligence and movement - dance in focus of the cognitive sciences". The workweek was open to all interested persons and entry was free. The event was held at the Zentrum fr interdisziplinre Forschung (ZiF) in Bielefeld.

Use of the Tanzplan name

Tanzplan Deutschland e.V. and Andrea Simon, who since 1990 has run the Tanzplan interart projekte and Tanzplan Kinder- und Jugendensemble (www.tanzplan.de) in the Frankfurt area, reached agreement on the use of Tanzplan as part of the name of Tanzplan Deutschland and its funding projects. To make a the distinction clear in Frankfurt am Main, that citys Tanzplan on Location project Tanzlabor_21 will additionally be referred to as A Tanzplan Deutschland Project.

1st to the 4th of November
Advanced teacher training / Munich

As part of access to dance. Tanzplan Mnchen, Tanz und Schule e.V. (the Dance and Schools association) and the Bavarian State Ballet provided advanced training for dancers, choreographers and dance educators.
II. Forsythe Improvisation Technologies with Nik Haffner (Frankfurt/Barcelona): participants in the workshop worked with improvisation methods developed by William Forsythe and the Frankfurt Ballet. 1st to the 4th of November, daily at 10am 2pm; Cost: 110/130, Venue: Bavarian State Ballet.

2nd of November
Deadline for applications for the residency programme 2008 / Hamburg

The K3 centre focuses on promoting young choreographers, on training and qualification programmes for dance professionals, and on the transmission of contemporary dance. In this context, Tanzplan Hamburg awarded three residencies to choreographers beginning their professional careers for the second time. Applicants should have already produced their own initial projects. Period of the residency: April - December 2008. The first half of the residency is to be used mainly for research, training and instruction in Hamburg. The second half will be devoted to developing a production.

2nd and 3rd of November
Production practice course programmes / Hamburg

Christa Spatt (Vienna): Nicht kommunizieren gilt nicht! Die Kunst der Kommunikation in der Tanzszene (monochrom). The goal of this workshop was to clarify the roles and desires of the player in the area of dance: dancers, choreographers, journalists, curators, culture managers, audiences, etc. Using the example of the Viennas international ImPulsTanz Festival communication structures were investigated and discussions held on how these could be used. Participants received an insight into the way a big festival works and into how an artist can interact with it. In the second part of the workshop participants worked on their own concrete projects.

2nd, 9th and 23rd of November
talkARTs at TANZLABOR_21 / Frankfurt

On the 2.11. with Club guy & roni after the performance of The language of walls (on the other side of day), on 9.11. with Toula Limnaios after the performance of live is perfect and on 23.11. with Antony Rizzi after the performance of some of my best friends are trash.

3rd and 4th of November
Internal dance education workshop

Representatives from colleges and universities providing degrees and diplomas in dance education / dance transmission, the Stndige Konferenz Tanz, the Berufsverband Tanzpdagogik and the Bundesverband Tanz in Schulen (Registered National Association for Dance in Schools) met at the College of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main for an exchange of ideas experience among experts. In cooperation with Claudia Feest-Lieberknecht and the Stndige Konferenz Tanz, organised by Tanzplan Education Projects.

6th and 7th of November
Internal dance archive workshop

The second workshop organised by Tanzplan Deutschland with representatives from German dance archives was held in the Deutsches Tanzfilminstitut in Bremen. Topic: Safeguarding, valorising and bundling access in future, despite the decentralising of locations. Representatives from the following institutions took part: Akademie der Knste / Berlin, Archiv Darstellende Knste der AdK / Berlin, Deutsches Tanzarchiv Kln, Deutsches Tanzfilminstitut Bremen, Mime Centrum Berlin, Tanzarchiv Leipzig e.V. and Tanzplan Deutschland. Organisation: Franz Anton Cramer. Guests: Prof. Dr. Claudia Jeschke (University of Salzburg) and Dr. Michelle Potter (New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Lincoln Center). Organisation: Franz Anton Cramer.

7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of November
unplugged / Berlin

As part of the Masters program MA SODA Solo/Dance/Authorship the invited artists presented their working methods and approaches and showed extracts from their solo piece 'unplugged'. 7.11. with David Moss, 14.11. with Joanne Dudley, 21.11. with Rosa Casado and 28.11. with Robyn Schulkowski.

7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of November
Lecture series on Classicism /Berlin

This series of public lectures presented positions and reflections from different disciplines : art history, choreography, philosophy, ballet, literature, contemporary dance. Dates in November: 7.11.: Martin Dnike, art historian (Berlin), 14.11.: Frdric Pouillaude, dancer and philosopher (Paris), 21.11.: Christoph Winkler, choreographer (Berlin), 28.11.: Christiane Theobald, ballet director (Berlin), from 6pm to 8pm in the Cooperative Dance Education Centre Tanzplan pilot project Berlin, Mime Centrum, Studio 3, Schnhauser Allee 73 (2nd Hof, 3rd floor), Berlin.

8th of November
Premiere/ Bremen

I want to be loved and I want to stay loved! Is it this longing that drives young people to perform in front of the prurient juries and cameras of todays casting shows? What is behind the urgent need to be more than you are somehow? Baby BuXters I want to rule the world investigated the phenomenon with plenty of energy at the Showbhne.
Premiere on 8.11, further performances on the 9th, 10th and 11th of November at 8:30pm in the Kunst-und Knstlerhaus Schwankhalle. Youth dance theatre from the steptext dance project & young artists under the artistic direction of Augusto Jaramillo Pineda, as part of Tanzplan Bremen.

10th and 11th of November
Premiere / Mannheim

Supported by Tanzplan Ausbildungsprojekte (Tanzplan Educational Projects), the Tanzstiftung Birgit Keil in cooperation with the Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts/Akademie des Tanzes presented the premiere of the piece Alles begann mit einer kleinen Bewegung... (Everything began with one small movement) choreographed by Shannon Moreno and Farley Johansson.

13th to 17th of November
Preparations for the 1st Dance Education Biennale/Tanzplan Deutschland (26.2.-4.3.08 in Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin) continued in November in Mannheim at the Akademie des Tanzes with Thomas McManus.

14th of November
Premiere in Hamburg

Premiere of the residency production by Linda Lindheimer, SOLO, (Standing on the Shoulders of Giants). In her new piece she examined the necessity, possibility and impossibility of creating something entirely new. With dance and choreography in mind, she investigated whether there can really be an inventor of movement and what reasons there are to claim copyright or even to try to claim it for something as universal as movement. Further performances on 16. and 17.11 at 8.15pm

15th of November
Closing date for residencies /Potsdam

Closing date for the 1st half of 2008 was 15.11.2007.

18th and 19th of November
Guest performance / Dusseldorf

The girl, the boy and the river. Guest performance at take-off. Junger Tanz in the tanzhaus nrw. With texts in German, live music, song, poetic video images and dance, the Belgian ensemble told this modern fairy tale about how love appears and life passes. The story, designed for a dancer and a musician, is based on the picture book of the same name - Het meisje de jongen de rivier - by Paul Verrept and was lent an added radiance by the video images developed together with the Italian Compagnia T.P.O.. Performance, vocals: Aline Goffin; composition, live music: Jan Van Outryve; director, props: Wouter Van Looy; choreography: Nicholetta Branchini; text, images: Paul Verrept; costumes: Machteld Van de Perre; video, projections: T.P.O.; soundscapes: Michel Vanderhaeghen.

19th to 22nd of November
Workshop / Hamburg

Martin Inthanmouss (Montevideo/Amsterdam/Bonn), Recovering outer space Composition workshop for non conventional spaces. In this workshop participants worked with modern tools of theatrical and choreographic composition. What counts is the moment of the performance and the relationship with the audience and the unconventional space. After basic training participants developed theoretical and practical works. Researching, developing, creating and composing movements in space were the central topics of this workshop.

From the 20th of November
Course programme / Hamburg

Beginning of the course with Gitta Barthel in cooperation with the VHS Hamburg on techniques and ways of working, artistic concepts and the background of developments in dance in the 20th century.

22nd of November
Premiere in Frankfurt

Antony Rizzi "Some of my best friends are trash" (TANZLABOR_21 Artist in Residence). Countless stories of urban lifestyles come together in the life of artist, choreographer and dancer Antony Rizzi. He is the catalyst and motor for others and needs the others to experience himself. At home and out and about in different cities and countries, the most varied kinds of people become friends. With seven dancers and choreographers from Switzerland, Slovakia, Spain, Great Britain and Germany, Antony Rizzi performed an extravagant and dazzling radio show about the apartments, yards, streets, clubs and his friends in the big cities. With: Yoko Tani, Eric Lenke, Daniel Chait, Martin Blahuta, Inma Rubio Tomas, Douglas Bateman, Irene Klein, Antony Rizzi. Music, composition: Clock Face. Further performances: 23., 24., 25., 27. and 28.11. in the Knstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt.

22nd of November
Premiere / Dusseldorf

"Der Traum der Tiere" (The animals dream)- Premiere at take-off. Junger Tanz. Together with well known childrens song writer and book author Fredrik Vahle, tanzhaus teacher Birgitt Stamm set out with more than 50 children from her dance courses on a colourful journey, starting with the creation of the Earth and its creatures and going all the way to Africa and to the dream tree, the baobab.
Text, music composition: Fredrik Vahle; choreography: Birgitt Stamm; dance: children from Birgitt Stamms dance courses; live music: Dietlind Grabe-Bolz (voc), Jeanvier Honfo (perc), Jochen Kaboth (banjo, voc), Sven Molder (didg), Heinz Mller (b), Fredrik Vahle (voc, guitar), Manfred Vetter (perc); video design: Rocco Helmchen; technical direction: Ansgar Kluge. Further performances, 23.-25.11.

23rd of November
talkARTs at TANZLABOR_21 / Frankfurt
With Antony Rizzi after the performance of some of my best friends are trash.

25th of November
2. Premiere in Hamburg

Premiere of Monica Antezanas residency production, Eureka steps! Composing the unsought. Antezana composed a conglomeration of different scenes for her project. What links them is chance. Inventions that nobody was looking for, (e.g. x-rays, post-it notes, Viagra, glue and penicillin), have unexpected performative aspects and form the basis of her choreography. Using a mixture of scientific subjects, entertainment and meta-knowledge Eureka steps! Composing the unsought investigated the medium of dance under the motto; serious fun. Further performances: 27. and 28.11. in P1/Kampnagel.

29th of November to 1st of December
2nd workshop of all Tanzplan-vor-Ort (Dance plan on Location) Partners

All local partners met for an internal workshop this year in the fabrik Potsdam. The 2nd Tanzplan-vor-Ort (Dance plan on Location) workshop provided space for a intense exchange of views and ideas in flexible working groups and individual discussions on topics reflecting the wide range of interests and functions.

1st of December

Students from the BA "Contemporary Dance, Context, Choreography" course of studies at the Cooperative Dance Education Centre Tanzplan Berlin pilot project Berlin (HZT) presented their work. On 1.12. results of the project "All Cunningham / An approach to Cunningham" directed by Boris Charmatz was presented in the Malersaal (Werkstatt Komische Oper), Zehdenicker Strasse 12b, 2nd Hof, 4th floor.

3rd to 6th of December
Guest at the pro dance training session / Hamburg

Goran Bogdanovski (Ljubljana) was a dancer at the Slovenian National Opera from 1989-2000. In 2000 he founded the Fico Ballet Company with Dejan Srhoj and in 2003 initiated the Gibanica Slovenian dance festival. His work connects ballet, contemporary dance and physical theatre. In the K3-Studios/Kampnagel.

3rd to 7th of December
Preparations for the 1st Dance Education Biennale/Tanzplan Deutschland (26.2.-4.3.08 in Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin) continued - in December at the College of Music in Cologne with Christine Brkle.

4th and 18th of December
Democratic Bodies / Hamburg

Dance was introduced into the aesthetic Modern as a medium that could create an equal relationship with the Other in a different physical, sensual, non-verbal way. It is exactly this attribute that has assigned dance to a utopian place, but has also given it a mythical status and excluded it from relevant art-theoretical and cultural policy discourses. The Democratic Bodies lecture series of the MA-Performance Studies program at the University of Hamburg in cooperation with K3 / Tanzplan Hamburg dealt with the question of the political potential of contemporary dance. Artists and theoreticians from the Performance Studies team at the University of Hamburg invited guests to take part in the discussions. On 4.12., 7pm, in the K3 Studios with Prof. Dr. Gabriele Klein in discussion with the Rubato dance company (Berlin) and on 18.12. at 7pm, Studiobhne of the University of Hamburg with Deufert + Plischke and guests.

5th and 6th of December
Public events / Berlin

A number of public events were held as part of the MA SODA Solo/ Dance/ Authorship course of studies at the Cooperative Dance Education Centre Tanzplan Berlin pilot project (HZT on the 5th (3pm-5pm) and 6th of December (2pm-5pm) with Prof. Dr. Sarat Maharaj, Image as Topos (in English) and on 6.12. 10-1pm with Prof. Dr. Heiner Goebbels, Introduction to working processes (in English). Location: HZT, Schnhauser Allee 73 (2nd Hof, 3rd floor, former Mime Centrum), 10437 Berlin.

5th and 17th of December
Lecture series on classicism / Berlin

This series of public lectures singled out the word classicism and analysed its visual world and changes of form. The lectures were part of a research project at the Collge international de philosophie, Paris. On the 5.12. with Claudia Jeschke (University of Salzburg), Arabeske. Zur Technik des "off-balance" im klassischen Tanz des 19. Jahrhunderts (Arabesque. On the "off-balance" technique in nineteenth century classical dance) and on 17.12. with Christian Kupke (Berlin), Klassizistische Konzeptualisierung II: Zur PerFORManz und PerFORMATivitt des Tanzes (Classicist conceptualising II: On the PerFORManz and PerFORMATivity of dance). HZT, Schnhauser Allee 73 (2nd Hof, 3rd floor, former Mime Centrum), 10437 Berlin, from 6pm to 8pm.

6th of December
3. Premiere in Hamburg

Premiere of Jenny Beyers residency production, Tableau Doubl. In Tableaux Vivants, pictures are re-enacted for the viewer to decipher. In Tableau Doubl, the viewer hardly has a chance to guess the origins of the intermediatory images of the body, but experiences the two dancers in a series of irritating, interwoven scenes, situations and confrontations: from the Queen to the rabbit and out into the void. Tableau Doubl was developed in cooperation with dancer Sayaka Kaiwa and composer Jetzmann. Further performances on the 8th and 9th of December in P1/ Kampnagel.

7th to 14th of December
AGORA in Essen

Transdisciplinary exchange among the next generations artists and educators. AGORA (7th to 14th of December) dealt with fundamental questions that cannot be answered through specific expertise alone. The fact that the methods and focus of artistic practice have changed radically in the past 20 years poses a multitude of new questions for artistic training, its learning strategies, its goals, content and formats. About 70 students and 20 teachers from the following training centres worked on practical and theoretical issues in AGORA together with invited artists - Dan Graham, Jennifer Lacey/Nadia Lauro, Lynda Gaudreau/Pierre Jorge Gonzalez, Lone Twin from the Ecole Suprieure de Danse Contemporaine (Angers), Cooperative Dance Education Centre pilot project Tanzplan Berlin, P.A.R.T.S. (Brussels), the Folkwang Hochschule (Essen), the Stdelschule (Frankfurt/Main.), Goldsmiths College (London), the Kunsthochschule fr Medien (Academy of Media Arts Cologne), EX.E.R.CE. (Montpellier) and the Zurich University of the Arts.

10th to 14th of December
Preparations for the 1st Dance Education Biennale/Tanzplan Deutschland (26.2.-4.3.08 in Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin) continued - in December in Frankfurt, at the College of Music and Performing Arts with Nik Haffner and Christine Brkle.

12th of December
Press conference / Greifswald

The 5th Norddeutsche Tanztreffen (North German Dance Conference) Tanzplan Bremen was held from the 17th to the 23rd of January 2008 in Greifswald/Stralsund. A press conference presenting the participating productions was held on 12.12. at 11.30am in the Foyer of the Theater Vorpommern in Greifswald.

14th of December
Tanz und Kontext II (Dance and Context II) / Munich

As part of access to dance / Tanzplan Munich, the Tanz und Schule association in cooperation with the Kulturreferat (Department of Art and Culture) of the LH (State capital authorities) of Munich (Dr. Daniela Rippl), hosted lectures and discussions. Dr. Katja Schneider gave a lecture with examples on video on the Development of modern dance from 1900 to Cunningham in the librarys Vortragssaal, (lecture hall) of the Kulturzentrum Gasteig (Gasteig Cultural Centre) on the 14th of December from 5pm to 7.30pm.

14th and 15th of December
Ausbildungskonferenz Tanz workshop at the Akademie des Tanzes, Mannheim

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft der staatliche Ausbildungsinstitutionen fr Tnzerinnen und Tnzer in Deutschland (BA, MA/ Diploma/ Bhnenreifeprfung) (Educational Conference Dance Consortium of State Educational and Training Institutions for Dancers in Germany BA, MA/ Diploma/ Bhnenreifeprfung), which was initiated by Tanzplan Deutschland, held its 5th meeting this time in Mannheim, at the Akademie des Tanzes on the 14th and 15th of December. The next joint steps, including final planning for the first Dance Education Biennale/Tanzplan Deutschland and further discussions on the profiles, were discussed.

14th to 16th of December
Course programme / Hamburg

As a fitting end to the year, the workshop by Cathy Naden (Forced Entertainment Sheffield) dealt with the search for the perfect end of a production or performance. How do we know when something has reached its end? She invited us on a practical journey of discovery and approached the question of How to find an End through a preoccupation with text, possibilities in space, and the artistic limits of the rules and forms of the game. At the same time, the piece introduced the major topics and approaches at the interface of contemporary theatre and performance that Forced Entertainment deals with. Cathy Naden is a performer, author, and co-founder of British performance group Forced Entertainment and has been involved in over 40 of the groups productions since 1984.

21st of December
Showings / Berlin

Students from the BA "Contemporary Dance, Context, Choreography" program at the Cooperative Dance Education Centre Tanzplan Berlin pilot project (HZT) showed their work. Showing after the work with musicians Fanfare de la Touffe.

31st of December
Closing date for dance publication funding

Tanzplan Deutschland will provide annual funding until the end of 2010 for publications that contribute to expanding knowledge of dance and experiment with new approaches in thinking about dance. Annual funding of 20,000 is available for up to five German-language publications in print und digital media.1047

Tanzplan Deutschland