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Tanzplan Quarterly Review99
2nd quarter 2007628

April 07
Workshop with Manuel Pelmus

K3 - Zentrum fr Choreographie / Tanzplan Hamburg started its programme in April. Romanian choreographer and dancer Manuel Pelmus was the guest of Tanzplan Hamburg in April and held a two-day workshop. Pelmus was a co-founder of the choreography centre in Bucharest and has worked since 1998 as a freelance dancer and choreographer throughout Europe. Based on his experience as a dancer in a socio-political context, the question he poses in his workshop is; how do bodies affect each other, their environments and politics?

April 16th
Training centres online

A complete overview of all training centres for dance, choreography, dance pedagogy and dance sciences in Germany and Europe went online on the website of Tanzplan Deutschland / Ausbildungsprojekte. ?Material was researched using information from the Internet and does not claim to be complete. All information on updates will be gratefully received.

April 20th
Press conference

A press conference was held at the Staatstheater Braunschweig to present the programme of the 4th Norddeutsches Tanztreffen Tanzplan Bremen.

First choreographers in residence K3

The first choreographers in residence for 2007 were selected: Monica Antezana (Hamburg / Cochabamba, Bolivia), Jenny Beyer (Rotterdam / Hamburg) and Lina Lindheimer (Giessen / Berlin). The pieces they choreograph during their residency will be presented in November and December 07 in K3 in Kampnagel.

May 4th
Tanzplan Dresden on Tour

On May 4th the first Tanzplan Dresden production, [memori] by Wayne McGregor, gave a guest performance at Charleroi/Danses in Brussels as part of the Biennale.

May 7th
Discussion with Sally de Kunst

K3 / Tanzplan Hamburg invited guests to the Probebhne 6a in Kampnagel for a discussion with the Belgian curator.

May 9th
Press release on funding for dance publications

The trustees selected six publications to be funded from the more than twenty applications. One of them is financed from the area of training projects, so a total of 27,500 was provided. The following publications were selected:
- Dr. Franz Anton Cramer Begriffe der Freiheit: Tanzkultur in Frankreich zwischen 1930 und 1950, (Terms of freedom: dance culture in France from 1930 and 1950 - working title), Parodos Verlag, Berlin
- Barocktanz im Zeichen franzsisch-deutschen Kulturtransfers. Quellen zur Tanzkultur um 1700 (Baroque dance against the background of French-German cultural transfer. Sources on dance culture around 1700), annotated and edited in three languages by Marie-Thrse Mourey, Stephanie Schroedter and Giles Bennett, Olms Verlag
- Leanore Ickstadt Dancing Heads
Hg. Dr. Katja Schneider, published by Tanz und Schule e.V.
- Liane Simmel Tanzmedizin in der Praxis (Dance medicine in practice) Henschel Verlag
- Tanz Scripte; this series published by transcript Verlag, Bielefeld received funding for the translation of a standard work of international significance
- the Internet magazine for dance, choreography, performance of Vienna Body Archives www.corpusweb.net, received funding for the translation of original articles (reviews, interviews, portraits) into English or German.

May 14th
Professional training

At K3 / Tanzplan Hamburg. Start of regular training courses for dance professionals
Mondays: 10.30 a.m. Neues Ballett (New ballet) (Friederike Lampert)
Tuesdays: 10.30 a.m. Intelligente Krper / Moderne Tanztechnik (Intelligent bodies / Modern dance techniques) (Gitta Barthel)
Wednesdays: 10.30 a.m. Contemporary / based on release (Victoria Hauke)
Thursdays: 11 a.m. Zeitgenssisches Tanztraining (Contemporary dance training) (Anne Rudelbach)

May 14th to 20th
4. Norddeutsches Tanztreffen in Braunschweig

The 4th Norddeutsches Tanztreffen, Tanzplan Bremen was held in Braunschweig. Northern Germanys dance professionals presented themselves with nine performances and a comprehensive supporting programme in the Staatstheater Braunschweig. The programme featured guest performances by northern Germanys urban and free dance companies, dance productions for children and young people, workshops for teachers and laymen, a media centre containing works by the guest performers and other contemporary choreographers, a film programme accompanying the guest performances, a seminar on reviewing dance for students and young journalists, panel discussions, introductions, public discussions and lectures.

May 31st
Closing date for applications for the new MA course at the Hochschulbergreifendes Zentrum Tanz - Tanzplan Berlin?

The new Masters course, SODA Solo / Dance / Authorship, which concludes with a Master of Arts (by Practice-as-Research), begins with the winter semester 07. SODA is an innovative, artistic and practically oriented pilot project for a two-year Masters course under the direction of Prof. Rhys Martin. Applicants should have a degree similar to a BA ((Vordiplom) intermediate diploma / Zwischenprfung (intermediate examination)) and be able to demonstrate professional experience in contemporary dance and/or choreography.

June 1st to 3rd
Ausbildungskonferenz Tanz (Dance training conference)

The fourth workshop for representatives from state-run colleges and vocational schools was held this time in the Dance Department of the Cologne Musikhochschule. As well as discussions on the Biennale 08 etc., there was a lecture by Marijke Hoogenboom and Sott de la Hunta on Multimedia Tools, and the mind in movement training session with Gill Clarke for instructors and professors in modern/contemporary dance.

June 8th
Workshop / Audition Tanzplan Hamburg Jugendclub K3

The Tanzplan Jugendclub K3 starts in September 2007 under the direction of choreographer and dance educator Friederike Lampert. Participation is open to young people aged 15 and over who are interested in dance, who want to come once a week to get to know different dance techniques and choreographic methods of working, and who would like to be involved in two annual dance performances, which will be staged as part of the Tanzplan Hamburg at Kampnagel. The workshop was held on June 8th from 3 6 pm at Kampnagel: lampert@tanzbildung.de. Rehearsals and training will begin in September 2007 and will be on Wednesdays from 5 7 pm. The Jugendclub K3s first performance is planned for February 2008.

June 14th
Tanzplan Dresden: Manos Tsagnaris MEMENTO (Lots Wife)

In Tsangaris Stationentheater, visitors wander from room to room discovering not only the most diverse theatrical events, but also a creative reconstruction of the house at Bautzner Str. 107, in which the famous dancer Mary Wigman lived and worked. Manos Tsangaris staged this chapter of his new work in four different areas of the kleine szene with 19 musicians and numerous singers and dancers.

June 14th: Premiere "My Way"
Take-off: Junger Tanz. Tanzplan Dusseldorf

Regie: Marlin de Haan, Choreography: Gudrun Lange
How will my life be in 10 years? Baby or career? Security or adventure? Contentment or fame? I or we? Here or elsewhere? These are just some of the questions that director Marlin de Haan and choreographer Gudrun Lange asked together with eleven girls aged from 12 to 18. In their dance/theatre project they investigated approaches to certain situations, interaction with others, the drive to realise your own desires and plans.

Tanzplan Potsdam: Dinner Talk mit Paul Deschanel Movement Research Group [B] in Residenz. Ars et Labor
Belgiums Paul Deschanel Movement Research Group was in residence in the fabrik Potsdam from June 11th 17th. The Groups regularly held Recherchewochen (research weeks), in which different artists participate each time, are process-oriented and collaborative exchange and work processes around a specific topic, which are not directly aimed at a resulting work. A total of eight participants met in Potsdam and lived, learned and worked together in a more or less rigid period of time on the topic of 'Ars et Labor' (Art and Work). The focus was on theoretical exchanges, physical training and collective physical work in the fabrik. The Groups activities during their residency are documented on the www.pauldeschanel.be website.

June 18th: Performance of "Schne neue Welt" (Brave new world)
Take-off: Junger Tanz. Tanzplan Dsseldorf"

Production. Ulla Theien, Choreography. Marcus Grolle
Huxleys famous novel, "Brave New World", published in 1932, depicts the utopia of a thoroughly controlled affluent society. The family, birth and death have been abolished. A control centre for cloning und standards organises the production of offspring according to economic requirements. Life consists of work, parties, sex and drugs. Everyone is happy and the wise world government of Controllers protects humanity from itself. Suddenly, a man who doesnt want to live in this brave new world appears in this standardised civilisation and tries to rebel...

June 22nd
TANZLABOR_21: Premiere of the new Projektensemble PET_1 Peak Leisure Park

Tanzlabor_21 had no thematic or input specifications for its first Projektensemble, PET_1: just ten dance professionals ten choreographic/artistic approaches. How could this open initial situation be used? A three-month production phase provided the space to develop the artistic questions and a collective form of working. The group investigated the different forms of reproduction, interpretation and appropriation. It enquired into the way in which information takes on an independent meaning of its own: in a movement for example, reproduced in various bodies, in different spaces, in fragments and clusters what are the qualities of a copy?
With Florian Ackermann, Nik Haffner, Ayse Orhon, Norbert Pape, David Santos, Zufit Simon, Victoria Sntgen, Friederike Thielmann, Katharina Wiedenhofer and May Zarhy.
Further performances: June 23rd and 24th in the Mousonturm at 8 pm. Guest performances were given at the Hessische Theatertage in the Kammerspiele of the Staatstheater Darmstadt on June 30th at 7 pm and at the opening of the x-tra Frei festival in the Bremer Schwankhalle on July 10th at 8 pm.

June 15th, 23rd and 24th
Application deadline and selection process for Contemporary Dance Pedagogy course

The Masters Course in Contemporary Dance Pedagogy at the Hochschule fr Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt, part of TANZLABOR_21 / Tanzplan Frankfurt Rhein-Main starts with the winter semester 07/08 with Professor Kurt Koegel. Ten students will be accepted in the first year and June 15th was the deadline for applications. The selection process was held on June 23rd and 24th in the Ausbildungsbereich ZuKT, Hochschule fr Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main, Eschersheimer Landstr. 29 39, 60322 Frankfurt am Main.

June 15th and 29th
Course programme in the area of Cultural Management and Production Practice at K3

Practical Fundraising: two-part block seminar with Kirsten Wagner, from 2-6 p.m.

June 26th and 27th
Dance archive workshop as part of the Berlin Joint Meeting

Tanzplan Deutschland organised an internal workshop for representatives from German dance archives, which was held within the framework of the meeting of the European Network of Information Centres for the Performing Arts (ENICPA), which hosted the ITI European Forum (Internationale Theaterinstitut). Representatives from the Deutsches Tanzarchiv Kln, the Tanzarchiv Leipzig e. V., the Deutsche Tanzfilminstitut Bremen, and from Berlins Mime Centrum and Akademie der Knste discussed the options for saving and documenting dance and making the knowledge contained and specifically embodied in dance available for wide-ranging further use.

June 28th
PWC-Zukunftspreis Jugendkultur goes to Tanzplan Mnchen project

In the course of the national Kinder zum Olymp congress, held in the Staatstheater Saarbrcken, the PricewaterhouseCoopers Foundation awarded one of its four Zukunftspreise Jugendkultur (Future Youth Culture Prizes) to the Tanz and Schule association, which runs the project Tanz an Bayerns Grundschulen (Dance in Bavarian Elementary Schools) as part of Access to Dance Tanzplan Mnchen. Prize money of 12,500 euros went to each project succeeding in both sustainably closing the apparent gap between culture and young people and in inspiring them to emulation. In awarding the prizes, it was important to the PWC Foundation that the projects have already shown that they work.

June 29th and 30th
Tanzplan Dresden on Tour

On June 29th and 30th a guest performance of the first Tanzplan Dresden production, [memori] by Wayne McGregor, was given at Sadlers Wells in London.??629

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