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Tanzplan Quarterly Review99
1st quarter 20101785

Handbuch Tanztechnik / Tanzplan Educational Programme

Tanzplan Deutschland is working on an international research project on contemporary dance techniques, which will result in publication of the "Handbuch Tanztechniken" (Dance techniques 2010) (working title) in German and English, incl. 2 DVDs, by Henschel Verlag in December 2010. Ingo Diehl (Project Manager) and Dr. Friederike Lampert (Research Assistant) are responsible for the project.
This publication will provide for the first time an overview of the various dance techniques that have emerged in Europe and in Anglo-American countries since the beginning of the 20th century and are fused in the hybrid form of contemporary dance training. As well as the techniques of Jos Limn and Jennifer Muller, and Anouk van Dijks Counter Technique, work on body awareness techniques, taking the work of renowned educators such as Gill Clarke and Lance Gries in training institutions as examples, will also be investigated.
The universities participating in the research project are, the Inter-University Center for Dance Pilot Project Tanzplan Berlin, Cologne University of Music, the Palucca Schule Dresden, Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts, the Institute for Dance Arts, Bruckner University, Linz, the Laban Center for Movement and Dance, London and the Rotterdamse Danceacademie.

Publication / Tanzplan Deutschland

The publication "Anna Halprin. Tanz - Prozesse - Gestalten", funded by Tanzplan Deutschland and edited by Gabriele Wittmann, Ursula Schorn and Ronit Land, is published by K. Kieser publishers.

Funding for the National Performance Network continues (NPN)

The dance co-production funding can now be continued until the end of 2010, thanks to support from the Federal Cultural Foundation.

Tanztage Berlin 2010 / HZT Berlin

MA SODA students from the Inter-University Center for Dance Pilot Project Tanzplan Berlin (HZT) present their graduation works.

Advanced training / Hamburg

18 to 21.1. with Victoria Hauke (Hamburg), Contemporary, based on release, and from 25. to 28.1. with Kerstin Kussmaul | Jan Burkhardt, Sein und Tun in Bewegung from 10.30 to 12 midday in the K3 Studio K32

January / February
Installation in Berlin, Amsterdam und Rennes / HZT Berlin

Speech a performance installation by kom.post (Felix Ott, BA Contemporary Dance, Context, Choreography HZT and Camille Louis) in Berlin, Amsterdam und Rennes. Berlin, 22nd to 24th of January and 12th to 14th of February 2010 // in Rennes, Muse de la Danse, 16th of January 2010 and in Amsterdam on the 5th and 6th of February 2010, de Theaterschool

Publications / Munich

Two publications that vividly document the result of productions and works connected with Tanzplan Munich are published: Anna tanzt IV - Anna wird alt, Bayerisches Staatsballett (Bavarian State Ballet) (Pub.). The book accompanying the "Anna tanzt" project, published by hyperzine, Hamburg, texts by Horst Konietzny, Bettina Wagner-Bergelt, Prof. Andreas de Bruin, Dr. Josef Ilmberger and Theatre Studies students, among others. Und Wann beginnt die Choreographie? Einblicke in den Alltag von Tanz und Schule, by Katja Schneider for Tanzbasis Mnchen e.V. (Pub.), Munich, Tanz und Schule e.V., 2009. This publication contains information on the working processes of Tanz-und-Schule projects in Munich and Bavaria that were held as part of Tanzplan Munich. Students, choreographers, teachers and pupils from primary through to secondary school provide insights into the practice of cultural education in rehearsal reports and interviews.

Early January
Young Choreographer Support Programme 2010 / Call for proposals - Tanzplan Dresden

The Tanzplan Dresden jury selected two favourites from among almost 60 applications, which were by Argentinean choreographer Leandro Kees, who lives in Essen, and Slovakian choreographer Juraj Korec.

Advanced training / Frankfurt

On the 4. and 5.1. with Gregory Livingston (USA), 6. to 8.1. with Ted Stoffer (BE/USA), 11. to 15.1. with Iris Tenge (D), 18. to 22.1. with Jean Renshaw (UK), 25. to 29.1. with Nicole Berndt-Caccivio (CH).

4th to 31st of January
Current residencies / Potsdam

Norberto Llopis Segarra (ES), "There and How", with Mari Matre Larsen, Lea Martini, Jaime Llopis Segarra and Norberto Llopis Segarra

4th of January to 7th of February
Current residencies / Potsdam

Diego Gil (AR/NL) & Igor Dobricic (RS/NL), "The Half", with Igor Dobricic, Pablo Fontedevilla, Diego Gil, Felix Marchand, Paz Rojo and Tian Rotteveel

5th of January
Interview / Tanzplan Deutschland

Madeline Ritter, Project Manager at Tanzplan Deutschland, is interviewed on radio on the topic of "Finanzkrise und Tanz" (The financial crisis and dance) in the Mosaik programme (WDR 3).

11th to 25th of January
BA in Rennes / HZT Berlin

Students from the Contemporary Dance, Context, Choreography BA programme at the Inter-University Center for Dance Pilot Project Tanzplan Berlin go on an excursion to the Centre chorgraphique national de Rennes et de Bretagne - The Dancing Museum.

15th of January
Dance outreach, talkART Tanzlabor_21 / Frankfurt

Audience discussion with Jo Fabian (D) after the performance of "Independent Swan" in the Knstlerhaus Mousonturm

21st of January to 9th of February
4. Festival Take-off: Junger Tanz / Dusseldorf

More than 35 performances, including five German premieres from the region and other European countries and a world premiere will be presented in Dsseldorf. As well as international guest performances, Take-offs own newest productions will also be featured during the festival, which runs for over two weeks. There is a special performance for every age group, starting with the very littlest aged under 1 year, for whom Himmelblau and Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst are on the programme, through to Dilly Dilly for children aged four and over, up to We dance to forget for audiences aged 14 and over.

22nd to 31st of January
Students from the Inter-University Center for Dance Pilot Project Tanzplan Berlin

MA Choreography students present their work in the "kopfbern" series in the Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin

23rd of January
Moving Heads Choreografie im Gesprch / Hamburg

Training Roundtable. To begin the new training year, all interested parties and regular and irregular participants in training are invited to discuss expectations, needs, questions and the content of advanced dance training.

23rd and 24th of January
Workshop / Hamburg

Gill Clarke (GB), Training Intensive (for dance professionals)

24th 31st of January
AGORA 2010 / Essen

AGORA 2010 / Feldstrke International invites advanced students from the major colleges and academies of the arts in the disciplines of performance, dance, media art, photography, painting and sculpture from Cologne, Berlin, Giessen, Essen, Dortmund, Paris, Los Angeles and Istanbul to the Ruhr metropolis. Working in small groups on social, urban and artistic issues and topics, they wander the region, choosing their own paths, for one week. Techniques and methods, formal languages and boundaries are tested, exchanged, rejected and completely rearranged. The sketches, actions and field research developed in this process are presented in a public programme. Universities from Germany, France and Turkey take part.

29th of January
Dance outreach talkART Tanzlabor_21 / Frankfurt

Audience discussion with Wilhelm Groener (D) after the performance of "Hotel Hassler" in the Knstlerhaus Mousonturm.

29th of January
Probebhne Eins / Hamburg

Probebhne Eins is a workshop format presenting rehearsals, brief experiments and extracts of projects in progress and is designed to provide access to various approaches to working and offer an opportunity to exchange views and ideas. Work by Kirill Lorenz, Yolanda Gutierrez, Ursina Tossi and Hana Tefrati will be shown on the 29th of January.

Advanced training / Hamburg

1st to 4th of February with Philipp van der Heijden (Hamburg), Zeitgenssischer Tanz (Contemporary dance)// 8th to 11th of February with Dani Brown (USA/Hamburg) / Marta Navaridas (Spain), Fingersix Beauty vs ugliness vs human // 15th to 18th of February with Regina Baumgart (Heidelberg), Ballett fr zeitgenssische Tnzer (Ballet for contemporary dancers) and from 22nd to 25th of February with Anne Rudelbach (Hamburg), Zeitgenssisches Tanztraining (Contemporary dance training).

1st of February
Call for proposals - short residencies 2010 / Dresden

Tanzplan Dresden awards grant to three creative residencies during the international Summer Workshop 2010 (26th of July to 6th of August) at the Palucca Schule Dresden, funding a two-week working residency for three interdisciplinary teams of artists. The working process is accompanied by a mentor.

11th to 25th of February
Students / HZT Berlin

Students of the pilot Contemporary Dance, Context, Choreography BA study programme present The Affair, a collaboration between students from the Centre national de danse contemporaine Angers, France and the HZT.

5th and 6th of February
Students from the pilot Contemporary Dance, Context, Choreography BA study programme / Berlin

Taking The Pilots as their motto, the students present their works at the conclusion of three enriching years at the Theaterschool, SNDO in Amsterdam. The two evenings are characterised by unexpected arrivals, hasty departures and daring loops. The visit of these Pilots is part of an exchange programme that began with a guest performance by SNDO students in July 2009 in the sophiensaele, Berlin. With Evamaria Bakardjiev, Jasmin Ihrac, An Kaler, Tmay Kilincel, Felix Ott, Kai Stoeger, Anna Till, Nils Ulber and Marysia Zimpel.

6th and 7th of February
Casting Workshop - youth dance theatre / Bremen

The steptext dance projects youth label, young artists, funded by Tanzplan Bremen, seeks dance and theatre enthusiasts aged 16 and over for this years training programme and its new dance theatre production, BABEL. The young artists receive regular dance and acting training from international teacher Amaya Lubeigt (from 1994 to 2007 dancer in the Bremer Tanztheater Ensemble) and experienced musical specialist Jol Detige, who trained at the Juilliard School in New York, among others. Dancer, actor and choreographer Augusto Jaramillo Pineda is overall Artistic Director. Continuous participation in the intensive rehearsal phase from June 2010 is obligatory. The premiere is planned to take place in the Schwankhalle in Bremen in November.

14th of February
Deadline for applications for short residencies / Dresden

Tanzplan Dresden provides grants for three creative residencies during the international Summer Workshop 2010 (26th of July to 6th of August 2010) at the Palucca Schule Dresden, offering a two-week working residency to three teams of artists consisting of four people including a choreographer. Teams comprising multimedia artists, composers, stage designers, musicians, visual artists and dancers can apply. The residency is to be aimed at developing an experimental, interdisciplinary contemporary dance production. In addition to funding, Tanzplan Dresden provides each team with accommodation, a studio at the Palucca Schule and a sound/lighting technician. The working process is also accompanied by a mentor. The results of the working process are presented in the second week in the grosse Studio at the Palucca Schule as a work in progress. Each team also receives a lump sum of 3,500.

Advanced training / Frankfurt

1. to 5.2. with Hiekyoung Blanz (D) // 8. to 19.2. with Ioannis Mandafounis (CH/D/GR), 22. to 26.2. with Kristina Veit (D). Training times, Mo-Fr from 10 to 11.30 a.m. in the Knstlerhaus Mousonturm, Waldschmidtstr. 4, 60316 Frankfurt. Prices: Single ticket 4, 10 tickets 25, monthly ticket 40

From the 2nd of February
Workshop / Hamburg

VHS course: Zeitgenssischer Tanz: Hamburger Choreografen kennen lernen (Contemporary dance. Get to know Hamburg choreographers). This practical dance course offers an introduction to the basics of contemporary dance and an opportunity to get to know Hamburg choreographers. Jenny Beyer, Antje Pfundner, Dani Brown, Victoria Hauke and Jochen Roller will each teach one course, imparting their working methods and artistic focuses physically and practically in the form of a short workshop. In cooperation with the VHS Hamburg.

4th of February
Film Verbund Deutsche Tanzarchive
Heide-Marie Hrtel (Deutsches Tanzfilminstitut Bremen) has made a film, commissioned by Tanzplan Deutschland, for and about the Verbund Deutsche Tanzarchive, which will be shown several times, starting in February, on the ZDF Theatre Channel. "Mind your Step. 5 Tanzarchiven auf der Spur" (21')

5th of February
Dance outreach talkART Tanzlabor_21 / Frankfurt

Audience discussion with Club guy & roni (NL) after the performance of "Pinball and Grace". With "Pinball and Grace", Guy Weizman and Roni Haver, have created a dynamic and exciting performance with their mixture of dance, music and theatre by bringing artists from various disciplines together. Eight dancers and six percussionists are suddenly in the inside of a pinball machine and follow the rhythm of the fast, hectic game, the blinking lights and colliding balls in the search for grace in an unpredictable world.

6th and 7th of February
Advanced training "Tanz und Kontext" (Dance and context) / Munich

Community Dance Unbegrenzt Tanzen mit Grenzen. Susanne Schneider & Roland Berner, BewegGrund (CH) Boundaries of all kinds, such as those between children and adults, between dance professionals and amateurs, between putative normality and difference are playfully experienced and investigated, shifted and perhaps overcome in this workshop.

8th to 12th of February
ImproWinter_10 / Dresden

This one-week workshop at the Palucca Schule Dresden offers 10 improvisation courses for professional and advanced dancers, musicians, performers and film-makers, including dance & text with Martin Nachbar, dance & video with screendance artist Katrina McPherson, dance & music with Markus Stockhausen, instant composition with Michael Schumacher, and ballet with Gamal Gouda, Ballet Master at Dresdens SemperOper Ballet.

13th of February
Workshop / Hamburg

Jecko Siompo (Indonesia): Dance Workshop. The workshop is designed for everyone who wants to know more about traditional dance in Papua. Jecko Siompo leads participants through the rhythmical steps of Papuan folk and kangaroo movement forms, revealing their connections with contemporary hip-hop. No previous skills required.

13th and 14th of February
Advanced training at the Akademie des Tanzes in Mannheim / Tanzplan Educational Programme

The internal advanced training for teachers and professors from state-run training institutions on the topic of "Contemporary (floor) technique und partnering work", part of the Tanzplan Educational Programme, is designed for those teaching in the areas of modern/ contemporary and classical dance. Shannon Moreno and Farley Johansson have been invited to head the programme and will concentrate on the advanced training on the aspects of modern floor technique and partner work.

15th of February
Deadline for applications - Xtra Frei 2010 / Bremen

The Festival and forum for independent contemporary dance projects (16th to 20th of June 2010), part of Tanzplan Bremen, invites participants to take part.

20th, 21st and 24th of February
K3-Jugendklub / Hamburg

Thomas Marek and Karolin Schfer developed Sport - a choreography on the topic of sport for the K3-Jugendklubs new double production with young people. Sporting activities are investigated and various qualities of movement and musical-rhythmic structures trialed. Improvisation and fixed sequences are used to weave a choreographic carpet oriented towards the physical and mental features of sport. For the second part of the evening Hndeln - Friederike Lampert developed the choreography Hndeln with youngsters. It is inspired by the French club dance Tecktonik, which is characterised by extreme use of the arms and legs. The choreography is a study in dance on hands and arms, set to the music of Georg Friedrich Handel.

25th to 28th of February

Tanzplattform 2010 is held in Nuremberg under the Motto ONE STEP AHEAD. It is regarded as the most important presentation forum for current contemporary dance trends in Germany and is hosted every two years by various event organizers since 1994. Eleven choreographies developed in Germanys independent scene over the past two years were shown. As with the Tanzkongress 2009, all nine Tanzplans from Berlin, Bremen, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Potsdam were present over the four days via a video installation in the Festival centre in the Knstlerhaus. On Saturday the 27th of February there was also a public panel discussion on Erfolgsrezepte und Fallstricke. 4 Jahre Tanzplan Deutschland (Recipes for success and snares. Four years of Tanzplan Deutschland) from 1.30 to 3.30 p.m. in the Neues Museum, in which representatives from urban and educational projects were asked about their experiences with touring guest performances, new training and learning concepts, productions promoting young talent, dance education programmes, international residencies and higher education and cultural policy in a "Questions & Answers" format. Concept and moderation by Madeline Ritter and Barbara Schindler, Tanzplan Deutschland.

New publications / Tanzplan Education Programme

The publication by Dr. Friederike Lampert, funded by Tanzplan Deutschland, Choreographieren reflektieren. Choreographie-Tagung an der Hochschule fr Musik und Tanz Kln, with contributions by Monica Antezana, Gitta Barthel, Christiane Berger, Olive Bieringa, Edith Boxberger, Nathalie Bredella, Ingo Diehl, Anouk van Dijk, Isabelle Drexler, Kerstin Evert, Susanne Foellmer, Yvonne Hardt, Kirsten Maar, Annemarie Matzke, Antje Pfundtner Otto Ramstad, Jochen Roller, Janine Schulze and Maren Witte, is published in March 2011. LIT Verlag. It is the result of three choreography conferences that were held from 2007 to 2009 at the Cologne University of Musics Center for Contemporary Dance.

Advanced training / Frankfurt

From 1st to 3rd of March with Nicole Peisl (AT), from 8th to 12th of March with Evelin Stadler (D/IT), 15th to 19th of March with Allison Brown (CA), 22nd to 26th of March with Regina Baumgart (D) and from 29th of March to 1st of April with Nicole Peisl (AT). Training times are Mondays to Fridays, 10 to 11.30 a.m. in the Knstlerhaus Mousonturm, Waldschmidtstr. 4, 60316 Frankfurt. Prices: Single ticket 4, 10 tickets 25, monthly ticket 40.

Advanced training / Hamburg

From 1st to 4th of March with Matthieu Burner (France Berlin): Das Medium Krper (The medium of the body); from 8th to 11th of March with Bruno Caverna (Brazil Norway): Playing in the extremes [Floorwork], from 15th to 18th of March with Antoine Effroy (Hamburg): Zeitgenssischer Tanz (Contemporary dance) and from 22nd to 25th of March with Raimonda Gudaviciute (Lithuania Hamburg): Contemporary Training.

Dance outreach talkART Tanzlabor_21 / Frankfurt

Audience discussion on 4th of March with Stphane Gladyszewski (CA) after the performance of "In Side & Aura", on 11th of March with NNChalance (I), LA MACANA (ES) and adLibdances - Kat Valastur after the performance of Aerowaves on12th of March with Panama Pictures (NL), Noema Dance Works - Alexandra Waierstall (CY) und COD - Olivier Dubois (F) after the performance of Aerowaves, on 13th of March with Bomba Suicida - Luis Guerra de Laocoi (PT), Albert Quesada & Vera Tussing (UK) and POGOensemble (D) after the performance of Aerowaves and on 19th of March with Yasmeen Godder (IL) after the performance of "singular sensation".

Residency recipients / Potsdam

Performance artist and Berlin resident Lindy Annis continues the research she has already been pursuing for several years into iconographic emotional pictures from the two-dimensional media of the visual arts (paintings, sculptures, etc.) and the possibilities of translating them into kinetic, physical, three-dimensional forms (dance, choreography). Australian dancer Noha Ramadan, trained in Sydney and Amsterdam, develops movement scores that deliberately confuse the usual bodily control systems. In addition to the specific research into movement using philosophical terms such as vagueness and ambiguity, a creative collaboration with Australian author Jennifer Mills is also the focus of this shared residency.

2nd to 8th of March
2nd Dance Education Biennale / Tanzplan Deutschland

The 2nd Dance Education Biennale / Tanzplan Deutschland. Models of Reconstruction. Panel / Performance / Workshops is held in the Folkwang University and at PACT Zollverein in Essen. Artistic Director, Prof. Lutz Frster. It is a joint project of the Folkwang Universitt fr Musik, Theater, Tanz, Gestaltung, Wissenschaft, Ausbildungskonferenz Tanz (National Dance Education Consortium), the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Tanzplan Deutschland an initiative of the Federal Cultural Foundation, and Kulturhauptstadt Europa RUHR.2010.

5th to 7th of March
Premiere/ Bremen

read me (premiere) dance solo by Gnther Grollitsch. Concept, choreography, dance: Gnther Grollitsch, Video/multimedia art, Lighting design: Snke Busch, Dramaturgy, production assistant: Maren Gebhardt, Technical production: Monji Redweik, Production: steptext dance project. In the Knstlerhaus Schwankhalle, 28201 Bremen.

5th of March
Probebhne Eins / Hamburg

Probebhne Eins is a workshop format presenting rehearsals, brief experiments and extracts of projects in progress and is designed to provide access to various approaches to working and offer an opportunity to exchange views and ideas.

5th of March
Whirlschool Tanz macht Schule / Bremen

Whirlschool Tanz macht Schule, a cooperation between tanzwerk bremen and the Fachverband fr Theater in der Schule Bremen e.V. (FaTS), is being held this year too. Six classes of schoolchildren from Bremen show the dance pieces they have developed with professional choreographers and their teachers over a period of three to four months. The pupils developed and implemented their ideas together with them. Productions reflect the children and youngsters interests and daily lives. Topics this year include the media, film, cyber-mobbing, the information jungle etc.

15th of March
Deadline for applications for choreographers / Dsseldorf

Call for proposals: dance productions for littlies: the tanzhaus nrw is also this year co-producing a contemporary dance piece for the littlest children aged from six months up to three years, offering (partial) financing, a rehearsal space, and technical and production support, among other things. The production will premiere in September 2010 in the tanzhaus nrw.

from 23rd of March
Workshop / Hamburg

VHS course: Zeitgenssischer Tanz (Contemporary dance): Friederike Lampert | Gitta Barthel: Krperwahrnehmung und Tanztechnik (Bodily perception and dance techniques). Connections between bodily perception, dance techniques and artistic research are an integral part of contemporary dance. This practical course unfolds the principles of bodily and perception-related dance techniques. Individual experience and a theoretical knowledge transfer complement each other. Gitta Barthel presents danced lectures and examples in film of fundamental aspects of movement. 8 classes at the VHS Hamburg

24th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 30th and 31st of March
Production / Hamburg

Van der Heijden, Oberlik, Kacirek and Kolenc in Ticken (Ticking). In 1968, every 32nd postman was bitten by a dog. Adults breathe in and out about 23,000 times a day. A normal parking ticket is redeemed within four weeks on average. It takes eight years before a Lipizzaner can perform in Viennas Spanish Riding School, ten years for a black hole to completely crush a star. 99% of all life forms that ever lived on the Earth are extinct. Is the number 0 = nothing and is the distance between 0 and 1 greater than that between 1 and 2? What is the timescale of patience and how long is the course of events? A group of young people investigated the phenomenon of time together with artists Philipp van der Heijden (dance), Sven Kacirek (music), Jonas Kolenc (visual arts / video) and Katharina Oberlik (performance): a performative attempt to create a space in which art forms meet, encounter one another and engage in an interdisciplinary exchange.

27th of March
Master class / Frankfurt

With Jayachandran Palazhy (IN) on this piece, Chronotopia. Oscillating between memory and experience, Chronotopia interrogates the human dilemma in an era of rapid change. Jayachandran Palazhy, choreographer and Director of the Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts in Bangalore, has created a multimedia dance production pervaded by both Indias austerity of forms and the inventive freedom of western modern dance. A master class in the Department of Contemporary and Classical Dance at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts.

27th and 28th of March
Workshop / Hamburg

Barbara Schmidt-Rohr (Hamburg): Bodywork as prevention for dancers and actors. How can strain be dealt with in training and rehearsals, injury avoided, and structural bodily weak spots be consciously and intelligently countered?

28th of March
Premiere / Dsseldorf

Die Farben des Feuers (The colours of fire). The fire goes out, so two players set out to find it. They cross deserts, forests, seas, travelling up to the sun and down to the depths of the volcano to gather together all the colours of fire: yellow form the desert, green from the forest, blue from the sea, orange from the sun and red from the volcano. A landscape full of sounds and tones, dance and play, is created before spectators eyes. And when the fire has been found, there remains a wonderful playground for the children to explore. After the multi award winning productions of DAS MOND-EI and MEINS!, the Junge Schauspielhaus now presents its third work for the littlest children. Die Farben des Feuers by Roberto Frabetti, for children aged 2 and over.

31st of March
Moving Heads Choreographie im Gesprch / Hamburg

Dance has been attracting increasing attention in the area of cultural education over several years. Step by step, dance as an art form is acquiring a higher profile in the education system and in schools, even though the path to the self-evident anchoring of dance in the cultural and educational system may still be a long one. Dance professionals and those responsible for projects in Hamburg are invited to exchange ideas and views in these round table talks.

30th of March
Open Studio / Potsdam

Providing an insight into the rehearsals of the youth dance project Dance (Praticable), which with 10 young people from Potsdam have been rehearsing together with Odile Seitz and Frdric Gies for over a year (Premiere in early October 2010).1786

Tanzplan Deutschland