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Tanzplan Quarterly Review97
1st quarter 2006632

January 26th 2006
Press Conference: Tanzplan Deutschland
Announcement was made, of the selection of participating cities (Bremen, Dresden, Dsseldorf, Frankfurt, Essen, Hamburg, Munich and Potsdam.

Berlin was awarded start-up-financing from the Tanzplan Educational Project Fund, to develop a Co-operative Educational Centre for Dance under the Tanzplan Local program, by the board of Tanzplan Deutschland.
Financing has thus been awarded to a wide variety of dance initiatives, all focusing on various forms of mediation. Education is being expanded in various forms, ranging from research (Essen), to the development of high-quality dance education for children and teenagers (Dsseldorf), to the integration of dance in schools (Mnchen), and to professional education and coaching (Frankfurt). A new Centre for Choreographic Development (Hamburg), artists-in-residence programs (Potsdam and Hamburg) and the founding of a new dance ensemble (Dresden) are also planned, all with the possibility of post-graduate dance education in mind.
The strengthening of the ties of dance to state theatres (Bremen) has been considered as well as the consolidation of the off-scene (in all cities).
Tanzplan Deutschlands total budget over the course of 5 years (2006-2010) amounts to 12.5M, 6.4M of which are being allocated to the Tanzplan Localiniatives. 15.5M have been mobilised through co-financing from the cities or regions as well as third-party funds.

January 27th - February 8th 2006
Press conferences in Berlin, Bremen, Dsseldorf and Frankfurt
The various city initiatives (Tanzplan Local) were presented to the regional press in the presence of the local parties involved, as well as the project director of Tanzplan Deutschland Madeline Ritter and the Tanzplan Educational Programme Coordinator Ingo Diehl.

February 20th 2006
Tanzplan Munich
The registered society Tanzbasis e.V. was founded for the realisation of Tanzplan Mnchen. The members are Walter Heun, Nina Hmpel, Dr. Klaus Kieser, Dietmar Lupfer, Dr. Katja Schneider, Simone Schulte-Aladag and Bettina Wagner-Bergelt.

The curators of Tanzplan Deutschland selected Munichs proposal based on its core concept, of dance in schools and the expansion of academic dance studies in Munich. These programmes enhance the integration of dance in schools throughout the region in connection with a collaboration between Bayerisches Staatsballett and participating schools in Munich. Tanzbasis will develop curricula for advanced dance pedagogues training and connect students with contemporary dance practice.

February 3rd - March 20th 2006
Tanzplan Educational Programme
Ingo Diehl, the Tanzplan Educational Programme Coordinator, visited and held discussions with representatives from dance academies throughout Germany, concerning multifaceted contemporary education.
Discussions were held with professors and instructors of the different schools, concerning questions of dance education, classes and shows were being visited at following institutions: Hochschulbergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin: Palucca Schule Dresden - Hochschule fr Tanz; Folkwang Hochschule, section 3 - Essen; Hochschule fr Musik und darstellende Knste Frankfurt/Main; Hochschule fr Musik, section dance - Kln; Staatliche Hochschule fr Musik und darstellende Knste, Akademie des Tanzes - Mannheim and Ballett Akademie Mnchen Heinz Bosl Stiftung. The aim of these research-visits, was to create a workgroup, which will focus on contemporary education of dance.

The first workgroup meeting takes place during the Tanzkongress on April 19th in Berlin. With the restructuring of the dance schools in mind, the meeting will focus on the question of bachelor and master degrees as a an opportunity for dance.

Participants are: Prof. Lutz Frster and Roman Arndt (Essen), Prof. Paul Melis and Prof. Vera Sander (Kln), Prof. Dieter Heitkamp und Prof. Mark Spradling (Frankfurt), Eva-Maria Hoerster, Prof. Rhys Martin and Hon.Prof. Ingo Reulecke (Berlin) as well as Jason Beechey and Prof. Anke Glasow (Dresden).633

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