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Tanzplan Quarterly Review99
3rd quarter 20081303

Dance Congress 2009

In June the Board of Trustees of the German Federal Cultural Federation approved the funding of a 2nd Dance Congress, endowing it with 260,000. The success of the first Congress, which was held in April 2006 in Berlin and provided a sustainable impetus for strengthening and developing the dance scene further in terms of cultural policy, inspired dancers, choreographers, dance academics and producers to propose the holding of another big Congress to the Federal Cultural Federation. It will be held in November 2009 under the direction of Sabine Gehm and Katharina von Wilcke in cooperation with Kampnagel, K3 Zentrum for Choreographie/Tanzplan Hamburg and the Performance Studies degree program in Hamburg at Kampnagel and co-financed by the Kulturbehrde der Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg (Culture Department of the City of Hamburg). It aims to link the experiences gained from previous Tanzplan projects with prospects for the period after 2010, when the Federal Cultural Federations five-year initiative ends.

Tanzplan Publication Funding

"In aller Freiheit. Tanzkultur in Frankreich zwischen 1930 und 1950", a book funded by Tanzplan Deutschland, is published by Parodos Verlag / Dr. Ulf Heuner (www.parodos.de, ISBN 978-3-938880-18-0. 28) and was designed by Katrin Schoof (gabi berlin ).

Documentation 1st Dance Education Biennale / Tanzplan Deutschland

The exhaustive imaged documentation of the first Dance Education Biennale /Tanzplan Deutschland as part of the festival context #5 at the HAU, which took place this February, will be published in June. Aside from containing the basic information on all national dance training institutions, it also contains essays by Bertha Brmudez, Edith Boxberger, Claudia Jeschke, Scott deLahunta and Gabriele Wittmann, interviews with Christine Brkle, Nik Haffner and Norah Zuniga-Shaw and useful tips on dance education in Germany. The booklet is sent out with ballet-tanz, and can be downloaded from the tanzplan-website in both English and German.

Advanced training in Frankfurt

2nd and 3rd of June with Marcelo Omine (BR)* // 4th and 5th of June with Nira Priore Nouak (BR)* // on the 6th of June with Ulla Mkinen (FI)* / 9th to 13th of June with Evelin Stadler (D/IT), 13th to 16th of June with Jean Renshaw (UK), 16th to 20th of June with Kurt Koegel (USA). *) Students from the Contemporary Dance Pedagogy masters course at the University of Music and Performing Arts Frankfurt am Main lead the pro training as part of their research into dance and training. Training times: Mo-Fr from 10.00 11.30am, Knstlerhaus Mousonturm | Waldschmidtstr. 4, 60316 Frankfurt.

June 1st to 2nd
La Bossa Fataka de Rameau The Montalvo-Hervieu Company

Borne up by the music of Rameau, seven dancers float between the Palace of Versailles and the apartment buildings of the Paris suburb of Crteil, between dream and reality. Chicks, rabbits and kangaroos follow them onto the stage. They are part of the collage-like projections with which Montalvo-Hervieu transforms the stage into a fantastic carefree world of magic and illusion. The title of the piece, "La Bossa Fataka" refers in a tongue in cheek way to a sound poem by Dada co-founder Hugo Ball and to the name of the famous 18th century composer Jean-Philippe Rameau.

June 2nd to 5th
Professional Classes | Guest / Frankfurt

Every month guest trainers are invited to teach for four days at a stretch. There is no regular training in the weeks when the guest trainers are teaching.
Guest trainers in June: Olive Bieringa | Otto Ramstad (USA | New Zealand), Body-Mind Centering, from the 2nd to the 5th of June, 10.30am, 120 minutes. This class researches the human body holographically through movement and hands-on action in order to understand and extend physical potential. Typified anatomy and developmental movement are researched through various body systems so that these systems can then be used in solo, duo and group structures.

June 3rd
Democratic Bodies | Demokratische Krper / Hamburg

Lecture series from the Performance Studies Course / University of Hamburg in cooperation with K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg, whose representatives invite international guests to discussions in the K3 Studio: K33 at 7.30pm. On the 3rd of June Olive Bieringa | Otto Ramstad (USA | New Zealand), Dance-Film, Dance and film, and on the 17th of June Antje Klinge (Giessen University) | Gunter Mieruch (Behrde fr Bildung und Sport (Department of Education and Sport), Hamburg) | Wolfgang Sting (University of Hamburg), Tanz und Schule (Dance and School).

June 5th
Take-off: Show off / Dssledorf

Dance in schools! Whether as part of the Darstellen und Gestalten (Presentation and Design) subject, as a compulsory optional subject, in sports classes or as an independent subject, a hitherto neglected art form has emancipated itself! 10 Dsseldorf schools are partners in the Take-off: Junger Tanz. Tanzplan Dsseldorf project, working closely together with dancers, choreographers, and dance educators. In Take-off: Show off, they show us whats being achieved in dance classes. Participating Schools: Montessori Grundschule am Farnweg, Humboldt-Gymnasium, Goethe Gymnasium, Realschule Luisenstrae, Hauptschule Itterstrae, Hauptschule Bernburger Strae, Rheinische Frderschule fr Hren und Kommunikation, Rheinische Frderschule fr krperliche und motorische Entwicklung, Stdtische Frderschule fr geistige Entwicklung, Heinrich-Heine Gesamtschule. Dancers, choreographers, dance educators: Takao Baba, Jacqueline Fischer-Lensing, Gizella Hartmann, Amelie Jalowy, Ivana Kisic, Misael Lpez, Carlo Melis, Bridget Petzold, Nora Pfahl, Sabine Seume, Andreas Simon, and Ivana Vujicic.

June 5th to 13th
Festival Bremen

Xtra FREI. Festival and Forum for Independent Contemporary Dance Projects
Held from the 5th to the 13th of June 2008 in the Schwankhalle Bremen, Xtra FREI offers independent dance companies, young choreographers from northern German city ensembles and productions from several Tanzplan-vor-Ort (Tanzplan local)-partners a platform, space to perform, and a stage. Video presentations of dance, dance workshops and discussions forums complete the programme of current positions in contemporary dance, which will run over several days.

June 6th and 7th
Workshops at K3 Studio / Hamburg

With Laura Bermann (Berlin / Bregenz), Fokus: Klang (Focus: Sound). How do we experience music and what does it mean for choreography? In this workshop, individual taste in music will be examined, using examples from all genres, in order to provide a better understanding of listening processes and musical structures. The significance of the topics of space, associations and memory in working with music and movement will also be interrogated.

June 7th
Production / Dsseldorf

"The big-eared mouse goes to town Birgit Stamm / Bert Flas. The big-eared mouse scampers into the city and children can go too! The mouse is agile and anyone who wants to go with it has to be agile too. The young audience will run, jump, hop, fly, creep, stamp, and stop just like the mouse becoming big-eared mice themselves, listening with big ears and dancing on quick feet. Bert Flas, solo timpanist with the Dsseldorf Symphonic Orchestra, and his drumming students from the Robert Schumann University of Music Dsseldorf, dance educator Birgitt Stamm, and Tonhalle moderator Jeanette Kloubek invite 4-6 year-olds to follow them and go to town. Ohrenmaus is a series of concerts designed for young children aged four and over, enabling them to experience music through movement and actively participate in the concert.

June 6th and 7th
K3 Jugendclub / Hamburg

The second production of the K3 Jugendklub comes out. Together with guest choreographer Philipp van der Heijden, the young performers have been training and rehearsing for three months. station:bach is a dance-theatrical and musical examination of Johann Sebastian Bach. In connection with his music, the dancers investigate everday topics such as lonliness and friendship, drawing the audience into the experience of them. Before this, the choreography of Chorus, with which the Jugendklub started in February, will be again performed to music by Philip Glass. Premiere: station:bach (Choreography: Philipp van der Heijden) and repeat performance: Chorus (Choreography: Friederike Lampert).

June 9th
What is contemporary dance? / Hamburg

Boris Charmatz (Berlin / Paris) in discussion with Edith Boxberger. Since the 1990s Boris Charmatz has researched contemporary dance in terms of his own postulates and his position within the arts and society and made a major contribution to its Neubestimmung. In 1992 he founded the Association Edna with Dimitri Chablas. He tours regularly and is a professor at the Co-operative Dance Education Centre Pilot Project Tanzplan Berlin.

June 9th to 29th
Current Stipendiaries / Potsdam

Irina Mller (CH/D), "On pleasure" - poses the question of a new sensuousness in dance: the question of a dance performance that conveys a physical experience; more of the feeling of a night spent dancing than of a demonstration. A piece enabling the audience to experience a maximum of intensity, physical presence and sensuousness within a short time. The piece, initially researched by Irina Mller as a solo, will be developed into a trio in a second step.

June 10th, 11th and 12th
Premiere / Dsseldorf

Express yourself Monika Gintersdorfer / Franck Edmond Yao
Dance theatre with young people for everyone aged 14 and over
For six months young people from Dsseldorf and Essen have trained the untrainable. They have run up and down stairs, done hundreds of sit-ups, watched dances, concentrated and lost concentration, have stayed away, come back, and have realised that artistic work is vulnerable and a risk; it is a free space under pressure, in which the criteria no longer apply and are constantly judged. Everything becomes a dance in this performance that talks about mobile phone conferencing, snooty upstarts, being-a-little-bit-tipsy, Chinese ballet monsters, the Million Dollar Baby and other desirable roles.

June 12th to 17th
Workshop / Hamburg

With Erna Omarsdottir (Iceland), Bewegung Stimme (Movement Voice) on the 21st and 22nd of June, from 12 to 17pm. We use our voice for singing, telling stories and making sounds. It is often influenced by emotional states, such as fear or panic. Omarsdottir will work with emotional states to find out how to produce these qualities of movement and voice, which can then be further developed in dance and choreography.

June 13th to 27th
Workshop / Hamburg

With Kirsten Wagner | Stefan Dupke (Hamburg), Fundraising for independent dance and theatre productions. What is fundraising? Where, when and especially how should you apply for funding? Various fundraising options for cultural projects will be presented and explained from the point of view of the applicant and of those sponsoring culture. Insights into the theory and methods of fundraising will be provided and the opportunities and pitfalls of applying will be explained using case studies.

June 14th
Network German Dance Archives / Tanzplan

The fifth meeting of the Network German Dance Archives will take place June 14th at the Mime Centrum in Berlin. Representatives from the Deutsches Tanzarchiv Kln, the Tanzarchiv Leipzig e. V., the Deutsche Tanzfilminstitut Bremen, and from Berlins Mime Centrum and Akademie der Knste are furthering their discussion of a common platform and shared network.

June 14th
Tanz in Schulen / Frankfurt

Follow-up project with pupils from the Schillerschule Offenbach. Frankfurt choreographer Johanna Knorr is working for the second time with the IGS Schillerschule Offenbach as part of a Tanz in Schulen (Dance in Schools) project. This time, class 6e chose the topic of Friendship and Love. Working together with Ms Knorr during a project week, the pupils developed movement materials that express their thoughts and feelings. A performance will be given during the Frankfurt Schultheatertage on the 14th of June at 11am in the Knstlerhaus Mousonturm.

June 6th and 7th
Workshops at K3 Studio / Hamburg

With Laura Bermann (Berlin / Bregenz), Focus: Sound. How do we experience music and what does it mean for choreography? In this workshop, individual taste in music will be examined, using examples from all genres, in order to provide a better understanding of listening processes and musical structures. The significance of the topics of space, associations and memory in working with music and movement will also be interrogated.

June 14th to 17th
Kinder- und Jugendtanztage / Bremen

For four days dance for and with children and young people will be at the centre of Tanzplan Bremen at the Theater Bremen. It is the start of six school dance projects at schools in Bremen, which has been made possible by the Norddeutsches Tanztreffen Tanzplan Bremen. The programme features workshops, a panel discussion, lectures, advisroy sessions and guest performances.

June 22nd
Workweek Etudes / Essen

Etudes. A workweek during the Ruhr Piano Festival at the Essen-Werden Gymnasium as part of tanzplan essen 2010 in the Essen-Werden Gymnasium from the 16th to the 22nd of June 2008. In this interdisciplinary workweek, pupils will study etudes and Ligetis music from various perspectives. The core of the work week will be daily dance and music workshops. While the advanced pupils from the Gymnasiums dance department will explore Ligetis music and the topic of etudes together in dance with choreographer Isabelle Schad, other project participants will develop their own etdes based on Ligetis composition ideas and suggestions from composer Vassos Nicolaou in composition workshops. A series of lecture recitals and discussions with the pianist Tamara Stefanovich, Vassos Nicolaou and the neurobiologist Gerhard Neuweiler will round off the work week. Dr. Neuweiler, who was a close friend of Ligeti, will introduce the pupils to the topic of motor intelligence and talk about his intensive exchange of ideas with the composer, who was very interested in science. During the Ruhr Piano Festival 2008, Tamara Stefanovich will play selected Ligeti etudes and five new etudes by Vassos Nicolaou on the 22nd of June in PACT Zollverein. Before the concert the results from the workweek will be presented to the public.

June 23rd
What is contemporary dance? Series of lectures / Hamburg

Helmut Ploebst (Vienna), Versehen and versehen, a report on a lab for expanding a historiography of dance. In his lecture, Ploebst starts from the assumption that dance and choreography were marginalised in the three periods of the 20th century avantgarde. For this reason, he attempts to trace the influence of choreography on other artistic genres in these periods, so as to outline the consequences for the writing of dance and performance history. Ploebst is a dance critic for various newspapers and magazines, contributor to countless publications and founder of the Internet magazine CORPUS: www.corpusweb.net.

June 27th and 28th
Choreograpy Conference / Cologne

About a year ago a conference on Reflecting Choreography was held at the Cologne University of Music/Study programme DANCE - Studiotheater. The second conference, also funded by the Tanzplan educational programme, will be held on 27th and 28th of June 2008 again in Cologne, this time on the topic of "Dance technique and choreography". With Dr. Sabine Huschka, Pirkko Husemann, Kurt Koegel, Nik Haffner, Ingo Diehl and others.

June/ July
Lecture Series / Berlin

The series are running from the end of April to the beginning of July (2008) and will focus on choreographic practices, strategies and contexts as seen from a number of differing disciplinary positions. The series intend to problematize the idea and practice of choreography, to look at its potential range of reference in contemporary arts practices, and to identify the contexts within which choreography is currently being used. The series invite a number of artists, scholars, producers and curators to talk about or around the idea of choreography and what it might mean in relation to their work. The series are presented by Susanne Foellmer. June 2nd, 7.30 pm | Tracey Warr (GB), June 9th, 11 am | Bojana Kunst (SLO), June 16th, 7.30 pm | Elena Giannotti (I/ IRL), June 23rd, 7.30 pm | Hans Peter Kuhn (D), June 30th, 7.30 pm | Cosmin Costinas (A/ RO), July 7th, 7.30 pm | Nik Haffner (D).

June 30th to July 6th
Current Stipendiaries / Potsdam

Frdric Gies (F/D), "Album". In his new project, Frdric Gies constructs a dance piece in the form of a live concert. The work concentrates on the one hand on using creative, production and distribution methods from the field of pop music for dance. On the other hand, it is also about researching the communication of emotions through the medium of dance.

June 30th to July 3rd
Advanced Training: Guest trainer / Hamburg

Kathleen Hermesdorf | Albert Mathias (San Francisco), Contemporary Partnering
Training in Partnering focuses on the whole range of improvisation and composition from elementary to virtuoso, abstract to dramatic, experimental to expressive. Four aspects are emphasized: energy and bodywork for efficiency, perception and articulation skills; contact improvisation; techniques for lightness, impact, design and phrasing for strength, precision and communication; repertoire training.

July 4th and 5th
Research seminar / Berlin

Movement Perception is a transdisciplinary research seminar. The object of this research is the perception process. This process, understood as an interactive and cognitive action the so called enactive approach will be researched through the exploration of sound and body motion. Thereby what one perceives becomes a medium for studying the process of its emergence. The way perception will be researched is based on the correlation of three processes that result from active oprations: sound, body movement and perception itself. In this experimental seminar a methodical approach the embodied reflection will be applied. This method is formed through the synergetic use of two types of reflection: one is body centered and situated the other analytic and coceptual based. Selected works of Alva No are the theoretical reference of this research seminar. This seminar is also a preparation for the new Master-programme Choreography at the Hochschulbergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Pilotprojekt Tanzplan Berlin, which will start in October 2008. Perception will be a focus of the programme. The seminar is addressed to students, scientists, dancers, choreographers and artists. The number of participants is limited to 30. Lecturers: Alex Arteaga , Prof. Ingo Reulecke, Prof. Dr. John Michael Krois.

July 5th
Karl Hofer Gesellschaft Summer Festival / Berlin

Three performances by students from the Contemporary Dance, Context and Choreography, course: Tmay Kilincel: The Tmay Show or Suicide Danger // Kai Simon Stger: Solo # 1 // Nils Ulber: .

July 7th to 27th
Residencies /Potsdam

Lit Walkey [CAN/D] & Carlos Pez [ES/B], A dramatic turn of events occurs
Ten years after its original development, a solo is connected with a second performer, a theatrical demonstration and the story of a friendship. The new production by Lit Walkey in cooperation with Carlos Pez, which will premiere in October in the fabrik, emphasises the indispensable companionship of the abstract, dramatic, narrative and personal body.

July 11th and 12th
Workshop / Hamburg

Maren Strack (Berlin), Between Dance and the Visual Arts. This workshop is about confronting the ideas and choreographies of participants and also about what they can do as well as dance. In addition to digressions on performance art, among other things, the workshop will focus on the individual development of a brief sequence. Participants are requested to bring props and materials, anything suitable for integration into a movement piece, e.g. a roll of carpet or a tube of glue. Karen Strack is a sculptor, choreographer, dancer and musician. After studying at the Akademie der Bildende Knste (Academy of Fine Arts) in Munich, she studied flamenco with Gonzales Reyes and was a member of his company. She has been presenting her solos and installations all over the world since 1995.

July 12th
EMPIRE / Dresden

A short version of the piece EMPIRE will be presented in the Galerie Alte Meister as part of the Museumssommernacht 2008. EMPIRE is a dance piece that was developed as part of Tanzplan Dresdens program for promoting young choreographers in the spring of 2008 in Dresden. The idea for the piece came to Takako Suzuki in 2006 when the choreographer was in the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. Strict attendants stood next to the artworks as if they too were permanent fixtures. EMPIRE is dedicated to the history of these witnesses to history and investigates the Hermitage, a site of history and memory, from their perspective. During the Museumssommernacht Dresden from 8pm, three performances of 20 minutes each in the Gobelinsaal in the Galerie Alte Meister of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden.

July 12th and 13th
CI 36 Satellite Berlin "Contact Context" / Berlin

Symposium, Workshops (Intensive Practice), Performances, Jam presented by Tanzfabrik Berlin in cooperation with the Co-operative Dance Education Centre Pilot Project Tanzplan Berlin, Ponderosa e.V., Jess Curtis/Gravity. CI36 is a special event celebrating 36 years of Contact Improvisation. Starting from the CI36 Hub, consisting of Erica Kaufman (coordinator), Ray Chung, Alicia Grayson, Martin Keogh, Scott Rodwin, Gretchen Spiro and Nancy Stark Smith at Juniata College in Central Pennsylvania, USA, countless CI36 satellite events will be held all over the world.

July 14th to 20th
TanzSprint / Frankfurt

TanzSprint08, a one-week series of summer dance workshops, will be held for the first time. Students from the Masters course in Contemporary Dance Pedagogy (MaZTP) developed the idea and the concept and they will exclusively lead the courses, transmitting the experience, insights and methods they have acquired during their studies. These are characterised by the conscious treatment of the human bodys potential for movement and its creative opportunities for development. TanzSprint08 is designed for all those in and around Frankfurt who are interested in movement and would enjoy a lively and dynamic experience of dance, movement and dance-related techniques.

July 14 to 25th
Interdisciplinary summer workshop / Berlin

The second summer workshop takes place at the campus of the Palucca School. The range of courses on offer includes courses on Contemporary Technique, Ballet Class, Yoga, Forsythe Repertoire, Trisha Brown Repertoire and Bildende Kunst with dancers. Stefan Dreher, Holger John, Mariah Maloney, Ana Catalina Romn and Risa Steinberg will be guest teachers. Tanzplan Dresden has also invited the choreographers Ben J. Riepe (Dusseldorf), Jana Ressel (Leipzig) and Massimo Gerardi (Cologne) to stay and work in Dresden over this period. During these creative residencies, the artists and their teams will be provided with a studio and technical support and be mentored by Dramatic Advisor Christine Peters. A comprehensive supporting programme in the ARTLOUNGE, curated by Holger John, will invite all participants, teachers and guests to take part in a mutual exchange of ideas and experiences.

July 18th to 20th
MA SODA Presentation / Berlin

Semester II: Students from the Masters Solo/Dance/Authorship pilot study program will show the results of their individual research on new performance forms and strategies as part of the UdK Rundgang 08. Each student is responsible for planning and presenting a 45-minute program. The presentations are very individual in their performative approach to theory and practice. Video installation "I forgot"(60 min). This installation is the result of an unusual and experimental cooperation between Felix Marchand (a student at MA SODA) and Rudi Fink (a student from the College of Designs Experimental Media Design course).

July 21th to 27th
Residencies / Potsdam

Acrobat [AUS], Smaller, poorer, cheaper. Acrobat made an international name for themselves as "Australian circus punks". Their pieces combine breath-takingly precise circus techniques with unusually reduced and deconstructed stage sets, costumes and sounds. The group will be spending a week in the fabrik during their world tour. As well as open rehearsals, sessions with youth circus projects from Potsdam are planned.

July 23rd and 24th
anna tanzt III / Mnchen

About 110 pupils from the 8th grade at the Stdtische St. Anna Gymnasium and a class of hearing-impaired children from the Samuel Heinicke Realschule will work together over the entire month of July under the direction of Berlin choreographer Nadja Raszewski and dancers and instructors from the Bayerische Staatsballett (Bavarian State Ballet) on their own choreography. In 2008 the youth orchestra of the Bavarian State Orchestra, ATTACCA, will also be participating for the first time. The theme the youngsters and artists will work on together this year is The Firebird (Igor Stravinsky). Concept: Bettina Wagner-Bergelt // Choreography: Nadja Raszewski.

July 26th
Kids on Stage / Mnchen

The award-winning model project Dance in Bavarian Elementary Schools is held in five Bavarian cities. Eight elementary school classes will work together daily over this period with two dancers and dance educators each. In addition to dance training, the artists will develop a five-minute dance piece with the children in each class. All the classes will travel with their teachers to Nuremberg on the 26th of July, where all the pieces will be performed under the title of KIDS ON STAGE in the Tafelhalle. Concept and artistic direction: Tanz und Schule / Kulturbro as part of access to dance - Tanzplan Mnchen.

SODA Products / Berlin

SODA Products is a presentation platform for the artistic work of Anat Eisenberg, Corsin Gaudenz, Felix Marchand, Susanne Martin, Thrse Nyln, Kat Papageorgiou, Rita Roberto and Mirko Winkel. These young choreographers are studying in the new international pilot programme MA SODA Solo/ Dance/ Authorship. They present their work in the frame of the international dance festival Tanz im August. August 23rd, 6 pm, Mirko Winkel: konomie der Aufmerksamkeit and Anat Eisenberg: The big jump. August 24th, 6 pm, Corsin Gaudenz: Carbet de danse par tone on beauty and Felix Marchand: Considered. August 29th, Susanne Martin: Rosi tanzt Rosi, die August-Version and Kat Papageorgiou: Lang. August 30th, Rita Roberto: Right at presence and Thrse Nyln: Masqueresque.

August 1st to 17th
3rd Arbeitswochen Choreografie / Potsdam

The fabrik Potsdam will be hosting the Choreography Workweeks for the third time from the 1st 17th of August an annual Tanzplan Potsdam highlight: Artists in Residence. The idea behind the Workweeks is to create optimum individual rehearsal conditions while at the same time enabling an exchange of ideas and experience and networking among international choreographers. Artists and groups from Germany, France, Croatia, Austria, Spain and the Czech Republic will take part in this years Choreography Workweeks, presenting extracts from and the results of their rehearsals in an Open Studio on Saturday the 16th of August at 6pm (free entry). The groups participating in the Choreography Workweeks #3 are: Aleksandra Janeva, Goran Fercec, Stefan Duym (Zagreb/Brussels), and Frdric Gies, Frdric de Carlo, Ulrike Melzwig, Sarah Menger, Christian Modersbach, Petra Sabisch (Berlin/Paris) and Nicole Rutrecht, Iris Dittler (Vienna) and Kim-Lien Desault, Teresa Acevedo (Brussels/Madrid).

August 4th
K3 Residency Programme 2009 / Hamburg

K3 Centre for Choreography | Tanzplan Hamburg is offering three residencies to choreographers at the beginning of their professional career. Ideally, the applicants should have realised their first own works. Duration of residency: April December 2009. The applicant should possess some knowledge of the German language.

August 8th to 12th
International Summerlab 2008 / TANZLABOR_21 Frankfurt

With the International Summer Lab 08 organised by TANZLABOR_21 a German Theatre Academy focuses on contemporary dance for the first time within an interdisciplinary, practical and theoretical model project. The Lab addresses to international young artists, to future dancers and dance educators, choreographers, dramatic advisers, stage designers, producers, cultural managers, singers, actors and musicians. It offers a possibility of collective working, researching, learning, trying, seeing, hearing and reflecting. TANZLABOR_21 is pleased that they could win over Richard Siegal [D/F/USA] and Christine Peters [D], Kris Verdonck [BE] and Alexis Destoop [BE], Hooman Sharifi [IR/N] and Bojana Kunst [SI], Janez Jana [SI] and Joo Fiadeiro [PT] for the workshops of the first International Summer Lab. This education project is framed by an international evening program. Hans van den Broeck and his Company SOIT will follow up the question of personal freedom.

August 17th
1st Think Tank / Tanzkongress 2009

The 1st Think Tank takes from 11 am to 6 pm at Kampnagel K3 Zentrum fr Choreographie, Hamburg, Jarrestr. 20, 22303 Hamburg.

August 22nd
2nd Think Tank / Tanzkongress

The 2nd Think Tank takes place from 11 am 6 pm at Podewil, Klosterstr. 68, 10179 Berlin.

September 8th
Application deadline / Essen

EXPLORATIONEN 08 _ 15th to 19th of October 2008, the 2. symposium for learning activists. Dance meets up with sea urchins and trees, with anarchy, with the history of science, with architecture, with catastrophy models, with performance, with ants, with game theory, with archives, with education, with art, with complicity, with dance What kinds of models and strategies for acquiring and transmitting knowledge can arise from such a diversity of encounters and comparisons? How can these be mirrored in, or applied to teaching and learning processes in widely varying contexts? EXPLORATIONEN examines and explores different formats of learning in theory and practice. Professionals, experts and all those generally interested, are invited to actively engage with learning processes in artistic contexts and contribute their own experiences and knowledge to the debate. With amongst others: Natascha Adamowsky, Cornelius Borck, Vincent Dunoyer & Pieter TJonck, Rikke Luther & Cecilia Wendt, Eva Meyer-Keller & Sharon Smith, Gob Squad, Ulrich Schtker, David Zambrano, Gesa Ziemer.

September 15th
Call for applications / Tanzplan Dresden

Tanzplan Dresden seeks to give new impetus to contemporary dance in Dresden, and is looking for two production teams to create a new piece in a 6-week production period in Dresden for Tanzplan Dresdens dance evening, which will be held in June 2009. Choreographers can apply to take part together with multimedia artists, composers, set designers, musicians, dancers or visual or other artists. The project should especially focus on promoting and encouraging young talent. The new works will premiere in the semper kleine szene (the Semperopers studio stage) on the 12th of June 2009 and be followed by 5 further performances in a season running until the 21st of June 2009. The work process should aim to develop an experimental, interdisciplinary production incorporating a large component of contemporary dance. Applications from production teams who live or are based in Saxony will be especially welcomed. A maximum of 20,000 funding per team will be allocated, from which all the pieces fees and production costs must be paid. The exact funding amounts for individual projects will be specified after the jury has made its decision. Following consultation, a mentor will be assigned to support each production team and rehearsal rooms and the performance stage in the semper kleine szene will be made available. One of the productions could also possibly receive further funding from Tanzplan Dresden.

September 30th
Application deadline for Publications for Dance

Tanzplan Deutschland funds annual publications that expand knowledge about dance and develop new approaches to it. Total annual funding of 20,000 is available, up to five publications in print und digital media can be funded.1304

Tanzplan Deutschland