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4th quarter 20091781

29th of September to 25th of October 2009
Ben J. Riepe Artist in Residence in Frankfurt at TANZLABOR_21

During this period he worked with his company on his new production LIEBE.TOD.TEUFEL DAS STCK, which premieres on the 23rd of October at the Knstlerhaus Mousonturm.

Winter semester 09/10
Proseminar by Dr. Katja Schneider, Tanz in Mnchen / Munich

This proseminar combined dance theory and history with access to dance institutions and an examination of current productions in Munich. As well as attending rehearsals and performances, the group held discussions with artists from Munich, analysed aesthetic concepts and reflected on production conditions. Dance discourse as it is constituted in media contextualisations (dance criticism, press texts, advertising) was also included among the fields of practice. This mapping of Munichs contemporary dance scene was supplemented by a critical interrogation of dance history sources (Archive of the Bavarian State Opera and the Monacensia).

1st and 2nd of October
Dance theatre for the littlest children: getting babies into the theatre / Dusseldorf

Take-off: Junger Tanz lived up to this motto and after its very good experiences in the previous year invited the littlest children into the tanzhaus nrw in this year too. Children aged from six months (and their parents) were able to see guest performances from Norway, France and Germany. The programme was specially designed for children aged from under one year up to three. The pieces played with gestures, signs, symbols, light and shadow, amazed and concentrated the attention of the small spectators. The special thing about it was that participation was expressly welcomed!

1st, 2nd and 5th, 18th and 20th of October

Dance theatre for audiences aged 6 and over, by Katrin Lange based on episodes from the stories by Lewis Carroll at the Junges Schauspielhaus.

2nd of October
Result of the jury session / Potsdam

From 140 international applications so almost twice as many applications as in the previous round the jury selected the following artists/artist groups to work as artists in residence during the first half of 2010 in the fabrik Potsdam. They are Dragana Bulut (RS) & Milka Djordjevich (USA), Lindy Annis (USA/D), Diego Gil (AR/NL) & Igor Dobricic (RS/NL), Noha Ramadan (AU/NL) & Jennifer Mills (AU). A residency as part of the Arbeitswochen Choreografie #5 (Choreography Workweeks #5) was awarded to Ehud Darash (IL/D) and Gilad Ben Ari (IL/USA).

3rd and 4th of October
Advanced training: Maria Spth (NL) / Munich

The "Motive for Motion" methods developed by Maria Spth use the concrete experiential background of the group and handle subjects that children also deal with in daily life. In her dance classes she integrates elements from performance games, music and the visual arts. The goals of the training: collecting materials and methodical approaches.

8th of October
Premiere / Dusseldorf

JET presented its new piece: Mathe trifft Tanz (maths meets dance). Using partitures by baroque composer Antonio Vivaldi as their starting point, the Junge Ensemble researches composition structures at the tanzhaus nrw (JET) under the direction of Ulla Geiges. The young people played with mathematical combinatorics, transferring principles of musical composition to dance. A scenario emerges that develops more and more into a parlour game. JET offers talented young people the opportunity to intensively experience dance. The Junges Ensemble is made up of youngsters aged from 11 to 16 at the tanzhaus nrw (JET), Jeux de socit, Director, Ulla Geiges, in the tanzhaus nrw.

9th of October
Dance outreach / Frankfurt

Audience discussion with the Japanese artists collective (JP) after the performance of "true a new sound, light and dance performance".

12th to 16th of October
Tanzcamp (dance camp) / Dusseldorf

In the first week of the autumn holidays a dance camp will be held in the tanzhaus nrw! The focus of these days, designed for children aged between seven and eleven and 12 and 17, was entirely on dance. There was a diverse range of styles on offer, covering modern dance through hip-hop up to Brazilian dance and ethno-fusion, in classes that ran for the whole day. The dance camp ended on Friday the 16th of October with a presentation of the workshop results.

16th of October
Production / Hamburg

Production with audience discussion (in the series: Moving Heads Choreografie im Gesprch). Lucia Glass (Hamburg), Voices (Moldavia): Site under construction was the first dance production by Moldavias only contemporary company, Voices, with German choreographer Lucia Glass.
The concluding discussion with the artists and with Antje Pfundner and Dani Brown explored the experiences, opportunities and difficulties involved in intercultural work in the area of the arts.

16th of October
Dance outreach / Frankfurt

Audience discussion with Ann Van den Broek (BE) after the performance of "We Solo Men".

16th and 17th of October
Dance theatre for children aged 2 and over / Dusseldorf

MEINS! Theaterspa fr die Allerkleinsten in the Junges Schauspielhaus

21st to the 25th of October

The annual works show of Tanzplan Potsdams residency programme presents for the third time the works of international artists for whom the fabrik served as a place to live and work over the past year. Even more concentratedly than previously, this years edition provided an insight into the topicality and diversity of contemporary choreography and performance.

22nd to the 25th of October
Four days of Hip-hop nonstop: Hip-hop Dance DayZ / Dusseldorf

In workshops, try-outs, shows and performances, greats like Tyrone Procter, Enforcer, Crush, P.Lock, the Musterkanaken and Renegade Theatre, show what todays street dance can really do.

24th of October
Dance outreach / Frankfurt

Audience discussion with Ben J. Riepe (D) after the performance of "LIEBE:TOD.TEUFEL DAS STCK".

25th and 27th to the 30th of October
Nenn mich einfach Axel / Dsseldorf

By Boris Pfeiffer, adapted from the script by Bo hr. Hansen for the Danish childrens film of the same name, for children aged 10 and over at the Junges Schauspielhaus

26th of October to the 15th of November
In Residence / Potsdam

Lucia Glass (Berlin / Hamburg) & Manon Santkin (Brussels) Dolby Surround
Audio Movie Imagine we painted the whole city with paint-of-invisibility. You would walk around in a space that you can only hear and sense.

Positions filled/ Educational Programme

Tenders for the qualification of dance educators for Tanz in Schulen were awarded to Cologne and Hamburg. The positions advertised, involving coordinating work with institutions and establishing the fundamentals for introducing Dance in Schools modules, have now been filled. Heike Lken will take on this role at Hamburg University within the framework of Performance Studies. In Cologne, Nana Eger will coordinate cooperation between the Deutsche Sporthochschule Kln, the Hochschule fr Musik und Tanz, and other project partners.

Dance Technique Research Project/ Educational Programme

Workshops with Lance Gries "Aspects of release and alignment oriented
techniques", accompanied by the research team - Gabriele Wittmann, Prof. Dr.Gerald Siegmund and Prof. Dieter Heitkamp //... with Jennifer Muller and students from the Zentrum fr zeitgenssischen Tanz (Centre for Contemporary Dance) in Cologne together with Prof. Vera Sander and Prof. Dr. Yvonne Hardt // ... with Dr. Maren Witte, Prof. Jos Biondi and Prof. Jason Beechey and Alan Danielson from the Limn Institute in New York on Limn Technique at the Palucca School Dresden University of Dance // ... with Ex-Cunningham dancer Daniel Roberts on Cunningham Technique with students from the Institute for Dance Arts at Bruckner University in Linz and Dr. Sabine Huschka, Prof. Rose Breuss and Dr. Henner Drewes // ... with Barbara Diekamp, Dr. Patricia Stckemann, Dr. Claudia Fleischle-Braun, Wiebke Drge and Reinhild Hoffmann on Jooss-Leeder Technique.

2nd of November
Max hrt zu. Ein Gesprch mit zwei routinierten Tanzzuschauern. / Berlin

The Max series of events, planned and organised by students from the Choreography Masters programme (MAC), deals with the question of What is choreography? from various perspectives and in different formats. On the 4.11. the students changed to the other side of the stage and invited two renowned experts on Berlins dance scene to a discussion to find out how they see contemporary dance. By David Bloom and Shang-Chi Sun with Marina Tenorio.

3rd, 4th, 6th and 7th of November
K3 Choregrapher in Residence / Hamburg

Fabian Barba (Ecuador): A Mary Wigman Dance Evening at K1. Fabin Barba
reconstructs an evening of dance as it might have been held in the 1930s. He took the programme of Mary Wigmans first American tour, in which she presented nine solo dances from various dance cycles, including Swinging Landscapes, as his starting point.
Among the explicit topics of reconstruction are its unavoidable modification of the original and the inscription of concepts of the Modern in the body of the dancer.

4th and 5th of November
AKT meeting / Tanzplan Educational Programme

On the initiative of Tanzplan Deutschland, the Dance Education Conference (AKT) met in Hamburg for the eighth time. Shared concerns and upcoming issues were discussed, including, among others, the status of planning for the 2nd Dance Education Biennale / Tanzplan Deutschland and the election of a new spokesperson.

5th to the 8th of November
TANZKONGRESS 2009 / Hamburg

Dance experts from all over the world met for the second TANZKONGRESS 2009, hosted by the German Federal Cultural Foundation, at Kampnagel and K3/Tanzplan Hamburg.

10th to the 15th of November
Kinder- und Jugendtanztage / Bremen

The team from Tanzplan Bremens childrens and youth section hosted the Kinder- und Jugendtanztage (childrens and youth dance days) in Bremen for the second time, emphasising choreographic works by and with young people. Around 500 children and young people trod the boards on Bremens stages over four days.

12th of November
Lecture, Dr. Andre Lepecki / Berlin

As part of the partnership between the HZT and the Zentrum fr Bewegungsforschung (Centre for Movement Research) at the Institut fr Theaterwissenschaft at the Freie Universitt Berlin, Dr. Andre Lepecki held a lecture on The body as archive: dance, re-enactments, and the pastness of the future.

12th of November
Himmelblau (sky-blue), A musical-dance piece for the littlies / Dusseldorf

Barbara Fuchs, Karolina Regg and Tobias Liebezeit developed a piece specially for the littlest children. The three artists research Himmelblau in all its facets with great love of experiment, sometimes as a duo, sometimes solo or as a trio. They jump, fall, sing, make music, roll around and play for children up to the age of three. At the end of the piece the children can themselves get up on stage and explore the world of Himmelblau. Premiere by Barbara Fuchs, Karolina Regg and Tobias Liebezeit. A musical-dance piece for everyone aged.

12th of November
Dance outreach / Frankfurt

Audience discussion with Maqamat Theater Dance/Omar Rajeh (LB) after the performance of "The Assassination of Omar Rajeh".

14th of November
Dance outreach / Frankfurt

Audience discussion with Nacera Belaza (DZ) and Mey Sefan (SY) after the performances of "The Scream" and "Contract".

14th and 15th of November
Contemporary dance for everyone aged 10 and over / Dusseldorf

Silke Z. explores the implications of the XY chromosome. In its a mans world Cologne choreographer Silke Z., tongue in cheek, investigated not only the clich of the superhero, but also the archaic roots of masculinity behind the icons of popular culture.

18th, 20th and 21st of November
K3 Choregrapher in Residence / Hamburg

Die schnittige Menge deals with the concept of the average living room, which was established and built by the advertising agency Jung von Matt. There is a living space with all of the standardized attributes: 2.2 room occupants and the movements that could take place there. But appearances are deceptive, because the average living room only has a statistical size. In Die schnittige Menge, the actors move back and forth between recognizability and abstraction, categorization and individuality, daily routine and specialization. They work with their own averageness in order to question average as a defining category.

30th of November
Deadline for applications / Berlin

MA Solo / Dance / Authorship (SODA)*: The SODA (MA) study programme is due to begin in the summer semester of 2010. It is a two-year, practice-oriented fulltime course focusing on the development, composition, critical understanding and dissemination of body-based performance works and their contextualisation within the broad field of contemporary artistic and cultural practice. The course language is English. Enrolment applications are invited from dancers and dance professionals and from artists who have already achieved substantial (if not necessarily professional) practice in the area of dance and performance and who now want to expand, develop and analyse the forms, contexts and intellectual bandwidth of their work and explore the challenges and environment of contemporary artistic practice. *) Final approval of this study programme is still pending.

Dance Technique Research Project / Tanzplan Educational Programme

In December Ingo Diehl visited the research unit in Linz, where Rose
Breuss, Dr. Henner Drewes, Dr. Sabine Huschka and ex-Cunningham dancer Daniel Roberts are working with students from the Institute for Dance Arts, Bruckner Universitt on Cunningham Technique. On the 12th of December the consultants group (Edith Boxberger, Dr. Pirkko Husemann, Prof. Dr. Claudia Jeschke, Dr. Antje Klinge) met in Berlin to discuss the books content and overall structuring with Ingo Diehl and Dr. Friederike Lampert.

1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th to the 8th of December
Premiere / Bremen

In their new dance theatre piece LUNA, 13 young artists interrogate the social, emotional and physical meaning of ageing.
Fearlessly they measured the great gaps between between different ideals, longings and realities. steptext dance project & young artists Bremen. Concept, artistic and choreographic direction: Augusto Jaramillo Pineda.

2nd, 4th and 5th of December
Premiere K3 Choreographer in Residence / Hamburg

Begm Erciyas (Turkey), Ping Pong: The application of various narrative strategies and movement compositions is designed to reveal some of the codes inherent to choreography. The movement of table tennis balls cannot be controlled beyond their initiation, the impetus. Whatever happens after that, happens coincidentally. With Jenny Beyer and Sigurur Arent Jnsson.

5th and 6th of December
Advanced training/ Munich

In her workshop Wie mache ich mir das Grundschulcurriculum nutzbar for a Tanzprojekt am Beispiel von Deutsch und Mathematik, Dr. Corinna Vogel (Cologne) creates connections between contemporary dance and school subjects such as German and mathematics. It demonstrates possibilities and discusses how educational goals and methods of teaching in schools can be developed with and through dance, without losing sight of dance as an art form.

6th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th and 13th of December
Premiere / Dusseldorf

Auf der Suche nach dem Allerbesten. The inventors of the stage comic, Dusseldorf group half past selber schuld, presented their fans and the world with a piece for children in the run-up to Christmas. With their unmistakeable style, their own songs, comical self-made figures, dance and plenty of weird humour, half past selber schuld again invented a cosmos all their own in this new production. A musical stage-comic for children aged 5 and over.

7th of December
Max klappt auf / Berlin

On this evening MA Choreography students extended their view of the choreographic field to include the artistic practice of theatre direction. In a discussion between directing student Miriam Horwitz and choreography student Anne-Mareike Hess the similarities but also differences in the organisational principles of the two disciplines were identified and juxtaposed. An evening with Anne-Mareike Hess, Miriam Horwitz and Jana Unmig.

7th to the 10th of December
Workshop / Hamburg

In her workshop As much as nothing/everything could actually be [come] Something or: how to find a piece? Keren Levi (Amsterdam) presented working methods based on her experience of artistic production processes. My three last pieces were commissioned, which means they developed out of an interest in my work, without me having to apply for funding with a specific concept that Id developed previously. I began the work process from scratch, with all the (im)possibilities that every commission brings with it.˝

10th to the 13th of December
Cahiers de Danse #1 / Dresden

In the style of film magazine Cahiers du cinma, Hellerau opened a new cycle in December 2009 in which the topics of dance archiving and dance history and their practice were examined in performances, lecture performances and lectures. For the first event, performances by Fabian Barba (Ecuador/Hamburg) A Mary Wigman dance evening and Ivana Mller (Amsterdam) Playing ensemble again and again were presented. Cahiers de Danse #1 is supported by Tanzplan Dresden and was developed in cooperation with Leipzig Universitys Institut fr Theaterwissenschaft and the Tanzarchiv Leipzig e.V.

11th of December
Dance outreach / Frankfurt

Audience discussion with Ioannis Mandafounis (CH/GR), Fabrice Mazliah (CH) and May Zarhy (IL) after the performance of "ZERO".

11th, 13th to the 15th of December
Premiere / Dusseldorf

ZauberEi: Cologne choreographer and media artist Stephanie Thiersch created a poetic dance theatre for a young audience set to the comic-like animations of French artist Timothe Ingen-Housz together with five dancers from Africa, Europe and Asia. Dance theatre between comic and myth for all aged 6 and over.

13th and 14th of December
Association of German Dance Archives (Verbund Deutsche Tanzarchive - VDT)

Eleventh workshop in Leipzig. Following the "Archiv/Praxis" (Archive/Practice) conference, hosted by the Leipzig Dance Archive and Hellerau Festspielhaus, representatives from the VDT, the Akademie der Knste (Academy of the Arts) Berlin, the German Dance Film Institute Bremen, the Deutsches Tanzarchiv Kln (German Dance Archive, Cologne), the Mime Centre Berlin and the Leipzig Dance Archive further defined their future work structures and continued joint project planning.

14th of December
Kitchen party / Hamburg

Finished the 2009 residencies with a kitchen party. Entry is free!

17th of December
Production / Dusseldorf

Himmelblau (sky-blue), a music-dance peice for the littlest children aged up to 2 years by Barbara Fuchs, Karolina Regg and Tobias Liebezeit. A music-dance piece for audiences aged between 0 and 2 years.1783

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