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Tanzplan Quarterly Review99
3rd quarter 20101791

Artists in Residence / Potsdam

Dragana Bulut & Milka Djordjevich (RS/USA).

July 1 to 4
Working week / Essen

"Performing History: Giselle" by Folkwang University of the Arts and Gymnasium Essen-Werden as part of tanzplan essen 2010.

July 2 and 3
Presentation / Frankfurt

Students from year one of the Choreography and Performance MA show their final project works: Paula Rosolen, Die Farce der Suche.

July 3 and 4
Premiere / Dsseldorf

Hammer Zeiten by Guido Markowitz as part of take-off: Junger Tanz / Tanzplan Dsseldorf.

July 5 to 9
Workshop week / Essen

Ruhr Piano Festival / Gymnasium Essen Werden Polyphony workshop as part of tanzplan essen 2010.

July 10 to 18
Project / Frankfurt

TanzSprint 2010 project by students on the Zeitgenssische Tanzpdagogik MA at Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts as part of TANZLABOR_21/Frankfurt.

July 11 and 12
Casting / Dsseldorf

Casting for an international dance project for take-off: Junger Tanz / Tanzplan Dsseldorf.

July 12 to 25
Artists in Residence / Potsdam

Jefta van Dinther (SE/NL), DD Dorvillier (USA) and Frdric Gies (F/D).

July 17
Tour / Berlin

The Inter-University Center for Dance takes in the Uferstudios in Wedding, Berlin, on a tour of the University of the Arts.

July 17 and 18
Presentation / Frankfurt

Students from year one of the Choreography and Performance MA show their final project works: Sebastian Schulz, dance at a distance (women not looking at you piece).

July 24 and 25
Presentation / Munich

Short Cuts. Children and young people perform their work from school projects at the Prince Regent Theatre as part of Tanzplan Munich.

July 26 to August 6
Workshop / Dresden

muse_10 international summer workshop by Tanzplan Dresden.

July 26 and 27
Presentation / Hamburg

K3 choreographer in residence 2010 Paulina Pomana (Hamburg) performs her work as part of the Dance Kiosk Festival in the Sprechwerk theatre.

July 28 and 29
anna tanzt V / Munich

Directed by Lenka Flory and Ruth Geiersberger. Bavarian State Ballet, St. Anna Gymnasium and Mnchen-Kolleg as part of Tanzplan Munich.

July 30 to August 15
Workshop weeks / Potsdam

Choreography workshops by Tanzplan Potsdam.

August 19 to 28
Summer laboratory / Frankfurt

2nd international summer laboratory, "Play and Error", by TANZLABOR_21 in co-operation with, and taking place at, the Knstlerhaus Mousonturm in Frankfurt.

Professional training / Frankfurt

From September 6 to 10 with Evelin Stadler (D/IT), from September 13 to 17 with Iris Tenge (D), from September 20 to 24 with Regina Baumgart (D) and from September 27 to October 1 with Kristina Veit (D).

Professional training / Hamburg

With Luis Lara Malvacas (Venezuela | USA): contemporary training from September 6 to 9; Philipp van der Heijden (Hamburg): contemporary dance from September 13 to 16; Victoria Hauke (Hamburg): release-based training from September 20 to 23; and Jess Curtis (Berlin | USA): movement basics, based on release, from September 27 to 30.

September 3 to 5
Workshop / Hamburg

Event Management: Introduction to the Basics, with Markus Both, Holger Duwe and Manuel Horstmann (Hamburg) at the K3 Centre for Choreography | Tanzplan Hamburg.

September 3 to 5
Premiere / Bremen

Thanatos. Concept, choreography, dance, video: Augusto Jaramillo Pineda; composition, performance, stage design: Csar Barco Manrique; costumes: Rupert Franzen; lighting: Jan Wiemann; technician: Christoph Hrtel; production: steptext dance project, as part of Tanzplan Bremen.

from September 7
Adult Education Centre course / Hamburg

Image and space in contemporary dance, with Gitta Barthel at the Adult Education Centre as part of K3 Centre for Choreography | Tanzplan Hamburg.

September 10

Open discussion with Ted Stoffer & Sayaka Kaiwa (USA/BE/JP) following the performance of "Rencontres des Imbciles", part of TANZLABOR_21 / Frankfurt.

September 11
Master class / Frankfurt

With Ted Stoffer (USA) on his piece "Rencontres des Imbciles" at TANZLABOR_21 / Frankfurt.

September 13 to 15
Workshop week

Tanzen lernen heit Denken lernen / Learning how to dance means learning how to think. A workshop week by the Bielefeld University, Gymnasium Essen-Werden and Prof. Martin Puttke as part of tanzplan essen 2010.

September 20 to 24
Workshop week / Essen

Dance / Animation. A workshop week by the Folkwang University and the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, as part of tanzplan essen 2010.

September 24 and 25
Further education / Bremen

Further education for dance artists, dance educators, dancers and choreographers with Jo Ann Endicott, as part of Tanzplan Bremen.

September 25 and 26
Cultural training / Frankfurt

"And so what!", Dance in Schools project with the hr big-band and 60 young people, as part of TANZLABOR_21 in Frankfurt.

September 25 to October 4
Cultural training / Dsseldorf

The focus is again, and for the third time, on the youngest among us in the Take-off: fr die Allerkleinsten programme. Staged pieces by Barbara Fuchs, from the Danish dance company ben Dans and the French group ACTA, as well as workshops with Birgitt Stamm for dance educators, nursery teachers and toddlers aged up to three and their parents.

September 26 to 29
Restaging / Dsseldorf

Die kleine Meerjungfrau und die Menschenwelt / The Little Mermaid and the Human World by Franziska Steiof, based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. Theatre and dance for young people aged six and over at the Junges Schauspielhaus, as part of Tanzplan Dsseldorf.

September 28 to October 3
Showcase of work / Potsdam

Herbstleuchten 2010 / Autumn Glows 2010 showcase of work by Tanzplan Potsdams artists-in-residence programme.1792

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