Tanzplan Deutschland
Tanzplan Quarterly Review99
2nd quarter 20091309

March 30th to April 19th
Current resident, Potsdam

Mi-Octobre / Serge Ricci (Paris), Des Arbres sur la Banquise

March 30th to April 30th
Professional Training / Hamburg

With Karen Ber and fingersix

March 30th to April 30th
Professional Training / Frankfurt

With Iris Tenge (D), Juliette Villemin (ES), Karen Piewig (D), Susanne Triebel (D) and Marco Santi (IT).

New member of the board of directors / Berlin

Nik Haffner is the new member of the board of directors of the HZT together with Eva-Maria Hoerster and Prof. Ingo Reulecke.

April to June 2009
International visiting professors at the HZT / Berlin

Laurent Chtouane and Lisa Nelson, Rosalind Crisp, Lit Walkey, Nik Haffner and artistwin deufert & plischke and Martin Sonderkamp.

April 1st
Synchronous Objects for One Flat Thing, reproduced by William Forsythe, Maria Palazzi and Norah Zuniga Shaw goes online

The project is the result of a collaboration between the Forsythe Company, based in Germany, and researchers at Ohio State University from design, dance, computer science, geography, statistics and architecture, who work together at OSUs Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD). Creative Directors William Forsythe, Maria Palazzi (ACCAD/Department of Design), and Norah Zuniga Shaw (ACCAD/Department of Dance).

April 1st
Einmal/2 at Take-off Junger Tanz. Tanzplan Dusseldorf

Choreography by Marcus Grolle and Yun Jung Kim.

April 3rd
Outreach Programme/talkART TANZLABOR / Frankfurt

Audience talkback with Caroline Simon (BE/D) after the show "stck".

April 3rd
Dance in Schools: VHS Rsselsheim WE CAN, BVB in Bewegung / Frankfurt

Artistic director: Gregory Livingston

April 5th to 8th
Alice: Im Wunderland!. Dance theatre / Dusseldorf

Director: Renat Safiullin, Choreography: Marcus Grolle.

April 6th
Series of events in the bat with the Choreography Masters students, Berlin

On every first Monday of the month, MA Choreography students discuss the question of What is choreography? under the code name Max. bat Max runs riot. A discussion with Micha Purucker.

April 6th
Press conference on the Transition Zentrum Tanz in Deutschland

Tanzplan Deutschland supports the founding initiative of the Transition Center and social aspects of the Stndige Konferenz Tanz and cultural concepts in setting up a Transition Zentrum Tanz in Deutschland and has financed a related workshop, held in December in Berlin. Top-level functionaries from associations, representatives from federal institutions and actors in the established and independent dance scenes agreed to participate in this interdisciplinary workshop. Documentation of the workshop and future developments will be presented at a press conference.

April 8th to May 10th
Current Residencies, Potsdam

Elena Borghese (Brussels), Anti-Copyright

April 17th
Take-off Youngsters Dance theatre with young adults with choreographies by JET, Dance City Newcastle and Time out / Dusseldorf

With the Junges Ensemble at the tanzhaus nrw (JET) under the direction of Ulla Geiges, Verbrannte Erde; Initiative Dance City Newcastle, "The Girls and the Boys" by Geoff Hopson and "Under the Halo" by Martin Hilton. Projekt Time shows "Wilde Zeiten" (Wild Times).

April 17th and 18th
Outreach: MOVING HEADS Choreography in Dialogue / Hamburg

Topic: Point of View: Dramaturgy. Workshop conference with Knut Ove Arntzen, Bojana Cvejic, Mieke Matzke, Patrick Primavesi and Christophe Wavelet, among others.

Start of residencies 2009 / Hamburg

The third years choreographers in residence can start work. Fabian Barba (Ecuador), Begm Erciyas (Turkey) snd Gudrun Lange (Dusseldorf) will be in Hamburg until December and show their productions at K3 in autumn.

April 19th
T(h)ree of life /Dusseldorf

Dance theatre with young adults. Choreography: Nora Pfahl, Karl Kane Wung.

April 22nd
The HZT at a reception of the Federal Foreign Office

As part of its Menschen bewegen. Tage der Auswrtigen Kulturpolitik event, the Federal Foreign Office hosts a reception in Uferhallen. Foreign Minister Walter Steinmeier greets over 1,000 national and international guests from the fields of culture and education. HZT students take part in the accompanying cultural programme with a short choreography.

April 22nd to 25th
TANZ MACHT RAUM - RAUM MACHT TANZ. A work week at the Ruhr-Universitt Bochum and the Folkwang Hochschule Essen in Bochum

Conference with contributions from Christina Thurner (Bern), Gerald Siegmund (Giessen), Stephanie Schroedter (Bayreuth), Katharina Stoye (Duisburg/Salzburg), Darja Sterbenk Erker (Berlin), Helen Stratford & Diane Wesser (Cambridgeshire/Leipzig), L.E.O. Eckhardt (Hamburg), Victoria Prez Royo (Frankfurt a. d. O.) Barbara Stuiber (Stuttgart) Katharina Maertsch (Braunschweig) and Theatre Studies (dance theatre) students from at the Ruhr-Universitt Bochum and from the Department of Dance at the Folkwang Hochschule Essen.

April 23rd to 25th
K3 Zentrum fr Choreographie | Hamburg

Workshop with Tero Saarinen and Sini Lnsivuori (Finland), based on Saarinens movement technique, which includes elements from ballet, Butoh, martial arts and contemporary dance.

April 24th and 26th to 29th
Nenn mich einfach Axel. Dance theatre for children aged 10 and over / Dusseldorf

Production: Ren Schubert, Choreography: Takao Baba.

April 24th to 26th
Advanced training for teachers and professors on the topic of "Reconstruction" / Dance Plan Educational Projects

The next training session was held during brasil move berlim at HAU/Berlin. The festival focuses on the history of dance in Brazil and the possibilities of archiving and reconstructing dance. Teachers and professors from the ten state-run training institutions for dancers in Germany (Educational Conference Dance), invited by Tanzplan Deutschland, discuss different aspects of these fields with Brazilian colleagues and researchers.

April 30th
Take-off: Show off. Dsseldorfer Schulen tanzen!

As part of the "Take-off: Junger Tanz. Tanzplan Dsseldorf" project, twelve choreographers, dancers and dance educators work in ten schools reaching more than 700 children and young people through dance! The children then show parts and results of this work in a "show-off". Participating schools: Montessori Grundschule am Farnweg, Humboldt-Gymnasium, Goethe Gymnasium, Realschule Luisenstrasse, Hauptschule Itterstrasse, Hauptschule Bernburger Strasse, Theodor Andresen Schule, Johann-Heidsiek-Schule, Rheinische Frderschule fr krperliche und motorische Entwicklung, Heinrich-Heine-Gesamtschule. Dancers, choreographers, dance educators: Takao Baba, Damian Gmuer, Gizella Hartmann, Amelie Jalowy, Ivana Kisic, Misael Lopez, Carlo Melis, Bridget Petzold, Nora Pfahl, Sabine Seume, Andreas Simon, Irena Vuijcic, and Emily Welther.

DAAD Scholarships for the Summer Workshop / Dresden

The jury awarded Donald Borror (USA), Francisco Lima Dal Col (Brazil), Sandra Maes (Belgium), Valentine Paley (Switzerland) and Katarzyna Sitarz (Poland) DAAD scholarships, providing them with financial support enabling them to take part in Tanzplan Dresdens muse 9 summer workshop from July 6th to 17th.

May 4th
deMONTAGe Max geht durch / Berlin

Under the title "Max", the MA students and artists from the independent scene ask the question, "What is choreography?" every first Monday in the month in the bat Studiobhne.

May 4th to 28th
Advanced Training / Hamburg

With Gitta Barthel, Georg Blaschke and Olive Bieringa | Otto Ramstad

May 4th to 29th
Advanced Training / Frankfurt

With Marco Santi, Sylvia Scheidl, Arianna Marcoulides, Karen Piewig and Victoria Hauke.

May 4th to 31st
Artist in Residence / Frankfurt

Hooman Sharifi (IR/NO)

May 4th and 5th
Tanzplan Educational Programme: Workshop Tanz/Kuratieren zwischen Theorie und Praxis (Dance/Curating; Between Theory and Practice)

The second workshop is held at the Academy of Visual Arts (Hochschule fr Grafik und Buchkunst) in Leipzig. Concrete means of furthering interdisciplinary cooperation across academies and institutions and promoting curators are to be formulated in Leipzig through ongoing exchanges of experience and positions among selected curators, artists and educators from the performing and visual arts.

May 4th to 8th
Handbook of Contemporary Dance Technique: 1. Workshop

Tanzplan Educational Programme has initiated a contemporary dance technique research project. The first workshop is held with Gill Clarke at the Cooperative Dance Education Center Pilot Project Tanzplan Berlin. The research team (Prof. Dr. Franz Anton Cramer and Prof. Gisela Mller) and Gill Clarke will analyse and go through their pedagogic way of working with around 10 students from the BA Contemporary Dance, Context, Choreography programme Mindfull motion (working title).

May 7th and 8th
"Super Me" HipHop Dance Theatre / Dusseldorf

HipHop collective E-Motions most recent work deals with the increasing digitalisation of interpersonal relationships. By and with Takao Baba, Andrea Bge, Nadia Espiritu, Niranh Chanthabouasy aka LilRock, Kadir Memis aka Amigo, Albi Gika, Vicky; Video, Stage Sets: Philip Bumann; Lighting: Daniel Gro; Management: Joachim Goldschmidt.

May 8th
Outreach/ talkART tanzlabor / Frankfurt

Audience discussion with Doris Uhlich (AT) after the performance of "Spitze".

May 8th and 9th
Course: Gabriele Wittman, Schreibend durch den Tanz (Writing through dance) / Hamburg

Journalistic reportage techniques and creative writing exercises are applied to the perception of selected movement sequences and vice-versa - categories of thought flow from dance back into verbal thinking.

May 10th
Deadline for applications for DAAD Scholarships / Dresden

The Palucca School and Tanzplan Dresden award five scholarships for the Summer Workshop to non-German students from foreign universities and colleges who are studying dance. In cooperation with the DAAD and the Federal Foreign Office.

May 10th and 11th
"Der Seelenvogel". Dance theatre for everyone aged from 5 to 95 / Dusseldorf

The choreographer continues the story from the text of the same name by Michal Snunit and Naama Golomb, giving the world of emotions and experiences a living form with three dancers. Choreography: Sabine Seume; Dance: Chih-Ying Ku, Laila Clematide, Francesco Pedone; Speaker: Karl Weishaupt; Stage Sets: Radovan Matijek; Music: Lutz Wernicke. A Sabine Seume production.

May 13th to 15th
Workshop on the topic of dance criticism / Bremen

As part of the XtraFrei Festival, dance critic Melanie Suchy holds a workshop on Writing on Dance.

May 13th to 17th
Xtra Frei - Festival and Workshop / Bremen

For the third time, Xtra Frei presents selected productions from the independent scene. Productions by Gilles Welinski, Hyoung-Min Kim and Lena Soon Hee Meierkord, Barbara Fuchs, Anne-Mareike Hess, Monica Antezana, Wilhekm Groener, Mimi Jeong, Constantin Georgescu and Frank Willens. Audience discussions, dance films, a panel of experts and the Writing on Dance workshop round out the programme.

May 15th
Deadline for applications for the MA zeitgenssische Tanzpdagogik (MA Contemporary Dance Pedagogy) programme (MAztp) / Frankfurt

The Maztps goal is to develop methods for researching and transmitting dance as an art form. Deconstruction, the precise investigation and reconstruction into the building blocks that go to make up dance, and the way we learn are all central aspects. The diverse approaches and interrogation of traditional patterns that contemporary dance entails are reflected in this study programme, which seeks to provide a response to contemporary research in the area of dance and the interests of individual participants in this area.

May 16th
Ohrenmaus (Big-eared mice) - "In the Park" Music and dance for children aged from 4 - 6 / Dusseldorf

Ohrenmaus is a series of concerts for the very youngest audience, designed for children aged four and over. They can experience music through movement and actively take part in the concert can, but dont have to. Ensemble Quatuor, Birgitt Stamm, dance educator, Jeanette Kloubek, moderator.

May 16th
Outreach/ talkART tanzlabor / Frankfurt

Audience discussion with Dieter Heitkamp and ZuKT students after the performance of "ZuKT LIVE".

May 18th
Moving Heads Choreography in Dialogue / Hamburg

Once a month the focus is on the interfaces of dance, choreography and performance as artistic practice and as theoretical discourse. Kitchen party for the start of residencies.

May 18th
Deadline for applications EXPLORATIONEN 09 / Essen

The 3rd Symposium fr Lernaktivisten illuminates and investigates formats of transmission in practice and theory. Interested parties, experts and the curious are invited to actively examine the topic of learning in artistic contexts, to interrogate it and to provide inspiration with the knowledge they bring to it and their own experience. Symposium language is German. Participant numbers are limited to 35.

May 20th
MAP Media | Archive | Performance / Hamburg

Presentation of the Internet publication MAP Media | Archive | Performance (http://perfomap.de), which operates at the interface of media art, archiving practice and Net basing. With Barbara Bscher, Franz Anton Cramer, Ren Damm and Thomas Bitterlich.

May 22nd
Outreach / talkART tanzlabor / Frankfurt

Audience discussion with Felix Brkle (D) after the performance of "beckett, beer and cigarettes".

May 23rd
Course: Ivana Mller, Collective Structures and Forms of Working / Hamburg

Choreographer Ivana Mller (Amsterdam / Paris) offers a workshop on the topic of collective structures and forms of working.

May 25th to 20th
BA Contemporary Dance, Context, Choreography visits Angers for the Internationalen Austausch der Tanz Schulen (International dance schools exchange) / Berlin

The Centre National De Danse Contemporaine Angers invited representatives from European dance education and study programmes to the first international exchange among. Over 90 students from other European dance training programmes are invited to the meeting.

May 25th to June 10th
Artist in Residence / Frankfurt

Andr Gingras is Artist in Residence and works with seven dancers on his new piece IDORU, to be performed in September at the Knstlerhaus Mousonturm.

May 26th to 28th and 30th
"Nenn mich einfach Axel", dance theatre for children aged 10 and over / Dusseldorf

By Boris Pfeiffer, based on Bohr Hansens script for the Danish childrens film of the same name. Production: Ren Schubert; Sets and Costumes: Birgit Schne; Choreography: Takao Baba.

May 27th, 29th and 30th
"Affected By", dance theatre with teenagers based on Dore Hoyers "Affectos Humanos" / Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf teenagers aged from 13 to 18 formulate their own impressions of the Affectos Humanos cycle in dance. Dance: Christina Bohmann, Minh Chau Cao, Lara Sadlo, Esther Schoenen, Victrice Teffel, Jodith Tesfaye; Concept and Choreography: Gudrun Lange; DJ: Christian Dchtel.

May 27th to June 10th
Artist in Residence / Potsdam

Alice Chauchat (Berlin), Collective [Praticable]

May 28th
Outreach/ talkART tanzlabor / Frankfurt

Audience discussion with Hooman Sharifi (IR/NO) after the performance of "No-Projects".

May 28th and 29th
"Wilde Zeiten", premiere. Music dance theatre with teenagers and live music from the band "Lauter Leben" / Dusseldorf

27 teenagers aged from 14 to 19 from cultural backgrounds in Brazil, Romania, Togo and Iran show their view of things under the motto Generation Doof (a phrase in Germany used to describe the controversy around the presumed dumbing down of the younger generation). Choreography, direction: Guido Markowitz; Dance, performance: Nadege Ayenu, Jalna Ayenu, Marie-Zoe Buchholz, Livia Caruso, Elizabeth Colemann, Becky Fetsch, Sarah Franken, Ramona Kautz, Sherwin Khonsari, Netali Kidane, Okan Korap, Patryk Kostrzanouski, Sabrina Marinkovic, Brenda Marino, Julia Monschau, Jamal Musa, Alberto Palma, Katharina Pham, Bounracksa Phomkhoumphon, Zivorad Radosavljevec, Antoni Ritter, Dimitrij Rosumuy, Asija Sali, Kevin Schmid, Melisa Tascier, Whitney Tawiah, Dsire-Leslie Walter; Production management, Co-Choreography: Damian Gmr; Live music: Lauter Leben; Video projections: badfairy; Costumes and stage sets: Steffen Oppenberg.

May 30th and 31st
Advanced training / Munich

With Jennifer Bury (USA) on the topic of Voice and Presence for educators: Using your own sensory perception to guide others and Sensing Beyond Yourself: recognising habits and developing your own possibilities.

tanznetz.tv online

The Dance in Schools2 video channel from tanznetz.tv is now online. A jury chose 10 trailers from 20 broadcasts that represent the range of different Dance-in-Schools projects throughout Germany.

Inge Baxmann, Sebastian Gschel, Melanie Gru, Vera Lauf (eds.), Arbeit und Rhythmus - Lebensformen im Wandel (Work and Rhythm transforming ways of life)

Examining the topic of work involves not only economic issues, but also the way in which each individual shapes their lives. The transformation of work results in the restructuring of the rhythms of life and new ways of life. Fink Verlag, ca. 288 pages, countless illustrations, papers, 34.90, ISBN 978-3-7705-4766-1. www.fink.de

Klein, Gabriele (Hg.), Tango in Translation

The texts collected this book deal with the different movements transmitting Tango. transcript Verlag, 306 pages, papers, 28.80, ISBN 978-3-8376-1204-2.

Huschka, Sabine (Hg.), Wissenskultur Tanz (Dance Knowledge Culture)

It cannot be taken for granted that dance will be understood as a knowledge culture in its own right. Yet it is beyond question that dance draws on forms of knowledge originating in praxeologies and formations of theory. But does dance also form a knowledge culture? What it is comprised of and what scientific objectives and experiential values are at work? Against the background of these issues, this anthology intervenes in existing discussions to reflect on the intermedial field of dance and knowledge from an interdisciplinary perspective. transcript Verlag, 246 pages, papers, 26.80, ISBN 978-3-8376-1053-6.

June 2nd
Forsythe on 3sat / FOYER

A report on the new Internet project "Synchronous Objects for One Flat Thing, reproduced by William Forsythe, Maria Palazzi and Norah Zuniga Shaw.

June 2nd
Lecture Presentation by Tony Thatcher UK '-stance2' (in progress) / Berlin

Following a brief presentation of his current work, Tony Thatcher provides insights into his current research project and explains the use of codes in his choreographic practice.

June 2nd to July 3rd
Advanced training / Frankfurt

With Elizabeth Waterhouse, Cruz Mata, Nina Patricia Hnel, Karen Piewig, Nira Priore Nouak, Iris Tenge and Evelin Stadler.

June 2nd to 27th
Artists in Residence / Potsdam

Hermann Heisig, Irina Mller & Nuno Lucas (Berlin / Lisbon), What comes up, must go up

June 3rd
Invitation to a public rehearsal / Dresden

Choreographers Janyce Michellod and Yossi Berg & Oded Graf have been working on their new productions since the 20th of April in the semper kleine szene. Nine days before the premiere, guests, choreographers and dancers have the opportunity to watch the team working up close and ask questions. Public rehearsal in the semper kleine szene on June 3rd at 6pm. Entry is free.

June 4th to 6th
Guest performance: Mortal Engine German premiere Chunky Move (AUS) / Dusseldorf

Chunky Move carries us away into a world in which moving bodies merge with impressively poetic video and sound collages. A highly-complex interactive system transforms the dancers movements into images and music, creating virtual, surreal worlds that are subject to constant transformation. In a technically virtuoso universe of light-dark contrasts and sophisticated shadow play, Australian choreographer Gideon Obarzanek interrelates people, juggling nearness and exclusion, isolation and closeness.

June 4th to 7th
Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst. For the littlest children aged from 0 to 3 by Clestine Hennermann (D) / Dusseldorf

This dance piece, created for the littlest children, is inspired by the well-known childrens game of the same name.

June 4th to 7th
Workshop on the topic of dance criticism with Melanie Suchy / Bremen

Dance critic Melanie Suchy (ballettanz, Tanzjournal, Rheinische Post, Sddeutsche Zeitung) holds a workshop on dance criticism including performance attendance during the Tanztreffen.

June 5th
Outreach / talkART tanzlabor / Frankfurt

Audience discussion on June 5th with CuP students after the performance of "locoMotion (CuP Pieces)".

June 5th and 6th
Choreography Conference / Cologne

The Choreography Conference funded by Tanzplan Educational Programmes is held for the third time in Cologne on the topic of "Spezielle Orte und Choreografie" (Special Sites and Choreography). With Prof. Dr. Yvonne Hardt, Natascha Bredella, Jochen Roller, Dr. Sabine Huschka, Kirsten Maar, Isabelle Drexler and Mieke Matzke. Concept: Dr. Friederike Lampert.

June 5th to 9th
7th Norddeutsches Tanztreffen. Tanzplan Bremen

This time with Ballett Kiel, West Side Story, choreographies by companies from Hanover, Schwerin and Greifswald/Stralsund and independent productions from Bremen (steptext dance project), Braunschweig (artblau Tanzwerkstatt) and Bremerhaven (Claudia Hanfgarn). The area of childrens and youth dance is represented by two productions from Hanover and Kiel and shows school dance projects. There is also complementary programme on the area of transmitting dance featuring workshops and a mediathek.

June 6th
Outreach / talkART tanzlabor / Frankfurt

Audience discussion with Toula Limnaios (D/GR) after the performance of "the silencers",

June 7th
Lecture and discussion with Leif Hernes Dance performances for children under three years of age. Experiences Reflections Know How / Dsseldorf

The youngest target group (aged 0 to 3) is increasingly catered to by various artistic genres. What fundamentals of perceptual psychology need to be observed in the development of artistic dance productions for the youngest audience? What is the significance of interactive aspects in the presentation in particular between parent and child? Leif Hernes is a choreographer and professor at Oslo University College and co-initiator of the Glitterbird Art for the very young project.

June 8th
deMONTAGe Max kreist ein. A discussion with Josef Frucek / Berlin

Choreographers are not born, nor is there a proven recipe for becoming one. Everyone has to find their own way of developing an individual choreographic practice. So it was too Czech choreographer Josef Frucek. A competitive athlete as a young man, he studied acting at the Bratislava University of Music and Performing Arts, was for many years a dancer with Ultima Vez and since 2007 has been artistic direction of the Rootlessroots company in Athens together with Linda Kapetanea.

June 8th to July 2nd
Dance training / Hamburg

With Kathleen Hermesdorf, Angie Mller, Victoria Hauke, Contemporary and Davide Sportelli.

June 10th to 20th
Students from the Choreography Masters programme show their works / Berlin

Von aussen, wegen: Anne-Mareike Hess with Cline Brunig, Camilla Barrat-Due // Mnner unter Denkmalschutz, Concept/ Choreography: Barbara Meyer, Dance/ Music: David Bloom, Franz Rogowski, Siegesmund Klee, Sebastian Meyer // Linie, Fisch, Choreography, Jana Unmig, Dance, Zohar Frank, Florencia Lamarca, Katharina Meves // Ich und Du, Choreography, Marina Tenorio, with Anna Melnikova, Nils Ulber, Tmay Kilincel // Choreographic installation by and with David Bloom, Lighting: Benjamin Schlike, Photos: Anne-Mareike Hess, Assistant: Federica Fiore, Sound Support: Alex Arteaga // Nwa, Choreography, Shang Chi Sun.

June 11th and 12th
Production: K3-Jugendclub Tanzplan Hamburg

Building Bodies. Nach jemandes Geige tanzen. Am I a construct of cobbled-together notions and experiences? Can I take what I need from the shelf of possibilities and try out new forms? What role does my body play in all this? Questions of possibilities and kinds of self-presentation and self-construction are the subject of the new production by the K3-Jugendklub with choreographer Philipp van der Heijden. In the second part of the evening the K3-Jugendklub again shows Nach jemandes Geige tanzen (Choreography, Antje Pfundtner), which premiered in February this year. The K3-Jugendklub started in September 2007 and is under the artistic direction of Friederike Lampert. It develops two evenings of dance every year.

June 11th, 13th and 14th
Performance: Corsin Gaudenz (MA SODA) lass uns immer aufbrechen und nie ankommen. eine verzettelung / Berlin

A performative approach to the life of the eccentric letter writer and self-styled taker of an inventory of the world, composer, translator and wanderer Hans Jrgen von der Wense. Concept and choreography, Corsin Gaudenz, with Evelyne Gugolz, Alexander Schrder, Miriam Walther, Music, Klaas Hbner, Stage Sets: Frieda Schneider, Dramaturgy: Gordon Florenkowsky, Technical Equipment/Lighting: Sandra Blatterer.

June 12th
Premieres / Dresden

4MEN, ALICE, BACH AND THE DEER by Yossi Berg and Oded Graf (Dance, choreography: Yossi Berg, Oded Graf, Sergiu Matis, Thomas Michaux, Dramaturgical Assistant: Carmen Mehnert) and R349-178 by Janyce Michellod (Performance: Janyce Michellod, Stefan Baier, Stage Sets: Bruno Michellod, Composition: Bernhard Loibner, Dramaturgical Assistant: Katharina Riedeberger) will be shown in the semper kleine szene in Dresden.

June 13th
Workshop / advanced teacher training with Olive Bieringa | Otto Ramstad, Site Performance / Hamburg

Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad investigate urban and social landscapes through dance, performance and film in their artistic projects. In this workshop, which is designed for teachers and educators, they work on the basis of Body-Mind Centering on bodily perception and spatial composition.

June 13th and 14th
Course in cooperation with Hamburg VHS: deufert plischke, Choreographic Workshop / Hamburg

Choreographers Deufert and Plischke investigate current images of the body in dance together with participants. The focus is not on a certain bodily technique or specific previous skills, but on the physical abilities each participant brings to the course. Movement materials, choreographic exercises and sequences will be developed on this basis. Kattrin Deufert and Thomas Plischke teach in the Performance Studies programme at Hamburg University.

June 14th and 15th
Clestine Hennermann, Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst/ Frankfurt

A dance production for the littlest children aged 0 to 3.

June 17th
Tanz in Schulen (Dance in Schools) - Herder Boys / Frankfurt

Nicole Peisl and Johanna Milz develop with 12 boys a piece on the topic of pressure. Its about how children express themselves generally and in which situations, what impresses them, where they feel under pressure, where they feel suppressed, what oppresses them, where they themselves have repressed someone else and what they wont let themselves be pressed into. This is the third piece by the Herder Boys, who started in 2007. Every year the group is reassembled, partly with old hands, who have been in the group since its first work, and partly with new boys who have seen the performances and want to join in. Premiere during TUSCHpektakel.

June 18th
Outreach: Moving Heads Choreography in Dialogue / Hamburg

In the run-up to the premiere of Sacre on June 28th at the Hamburg Ballet, Millicent Hodson, Kenneth Archer and John Neumeier talk with dance journalist Edith Boxberger about the current and historical importance of choreography.

June 18th and 19th
Nur nicht anfassen / Bremen

As part of Tanzplan Bremen, a dance theatre piece on friendship with live music was funded. DIE ANDERE COMPAGNIE is a project for young people with and without disabilities. In this project, which ran for one year, 17 youngsters aged from 11 to 20 participated in dance and theatre, actively incorporating their ideas into the development of a piece through improvisation. Two musicians accompanied the rehearsal process and play live. Production, Inga Becker and Alexandra Benthin.

June 19th and 20th
Course: Kirsten Wagner | Nils Hansen, Fundraising and Project Management / Hamburg

Where, when and how to apply? Various options for securing funding for cultural projects are presented, highlighted from the perspective of the applicant and of the cultural sponsor and explained using examples of cases. Covering contracts, budgeting and accounting through to organising a guest performance, an introduction to the fundamentals and standards of project management for independent dance and theatre productions will also be provided.

June 19th and 20th
Junges Ensemble / Dusseldorf

The Junge Ensemble at the tanzhaus nrw (JET) under the direction of Ulla Geiges presents extracts from its choreography "Etden 1", which premieres in the autumn of 2009.

June 23rd
The Junge Company meets the Mnchner Philharmoniker (Munich Philharmonic) / Munich

The "Junge Company" was founded last year on the initiative of Tanz und Schule e.V.. A weekly contemporary dance training session has been held under the direction of Annerose Schmidt since November 08. Eight teenagers aged from 13 to 18 were cast to take part in this project. Performance in the Carl Orff Saal in the Gasteig as part of the Munich Philharmonics schools concerts under the direction of Sebastian Tewinkel, Choreography and artistic direction, Annerose Schmidt, choreography of primary school classes, Andrea Marton.

June 23rd and 24th
Guest Performance: Heavy Music - Cool Love 2009: Goin' West, Ballett Schindowski (D) / Dusseldorf

120 teenagers from ten different schools from Recklinghausen to Duisburg under the direction of Gelsenkirchen ballet directors Bernd Schindowski and together with his companys excellent dancers, accompanied by live sounds from school bands ranging from Rap, Rock and Country to Pop. Stage sets, music, choreography, texts and costumes are all created by the youngsters themselves.

June 24th 28th
EXPLORATIONEN 09 _ auf PACT Zollverein, Essen

The third symposium illuminates and interrogates transmission formats in practice and theory. With Natascha Adamowsky, Hubertus Ahlers, Thomas Christaller, Wanda Golonka, Herbordt/ Mohren, Martin Nachbar, office for subversive architecture, Bernd Terstegge, Martin Schmitz, Ulrich Schtker, Gesa Ziemer & Steven Spier, and Norah Zuniga Shaw.

June 25th
"Wilde Zeiten" (Wild Times) opens Kinder zum Olymp / Dusseldorf

The Take-off production Wilde Zeiten, music-dance theatre with 23 young people under the direction of Guido Markowitz (D), opens the 4th Kinder zum Olymp Congress, a youth initiative of the Kulturstiftung der Lnder, in Munich.1310

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