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1st quarter 20091307

German Dance Film Institute financially secured / Bremen

Thanks to support from Bremens Kulturbehrde (department of culture) and Tanzplan Deutschland, the German Dance Film Institute has been given a binding commitment for greater financing, securing its ongoing work for 2009 and 2010. Bremen doubled its proportion of the annual budget to over 170,000, which has been anchored in the budget and ensures security of planning.

January 1st
Choreography and Performance Masters Programme / TANZLABOR_21

rof. Dr. Gerald Siegmund took up his position as the new Professor of Tanzwissenschaft (Dance Studies). The start of the winter semester marked the launch of the new Masters programme at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen, run in cooperation with the Frankfurt College of Music and Performing Arts.

January 5th to 30th
Advanced training / TANZLABOR_21

With Ayman Harper (USA), Toula Limnaios and Kurt Koegel (USA)

January 12th
Public lecture series A metaphysics of movement(s) /HZT Berlin

Edwige Phitoussi (Paris): "Le temps en danse: Paul Valry et quelques chorgraphes contemporains....

January 19th
Public lecture series A metaphysics of movement(s) /HZT Berlin

Mark Franko (New York): Louis Marin, Foucault and the Baroque

January 24th
Master class / TANZLABOR_21

From 11 am to 2 pm with Jochen Roller (D) on his newest piece "JANCLOD! tre aware and beyond".

January 26th
Transmitting Dance: talkART /TANZLABOR_21

Audience talkback with E-Motion (D) after the show "Super me

January 26th
Presentation for schools /TANZLABOR_21

E-Motion with Superme with and by Takao Baba, Andrea Bge, Nadia Espiritu, Niranh Chanthabouasy aka Lil Rock, Albi Gika, Victoria.

Januar 29th to 31st
Presentation / Tanzplan Dsseldorf

Super Me, HipHop-dance-theatre E-Motion (D) with and by Takao Baba, Andrea Bge, Nadia Espiritu, Niranh Chanthabouasy aka LilRock, Kadir Memis aka Amigo, Albi Gika, Vick.

January 30th
Transmitting Dance: talkART /TANZLABOR_21

Audience talk-back with VA Wlfl (D) after "Ein Ballettabend von NEUER TANZ"

January 30th to February 4th
Current residencies / Tanzplan Potsdam

Antonia Baehr, Sabine Erckelentz, Andrea Neumann (Berlin), "Notation".

Supporting young choreographers /Tanzplan Dresden

Tanzplan Dresden is again supporting young teams with its "Nachwuchsfrderung Tanzproduktion 2009", this year awarded to Janyce Michellod and Yossi Berg & Oded Graf. They will each receive approx. 20,000 Euros to develop a new production for Dresdens semper kleine szene. The interdisciplinary approach and high standard of dance quality of both teams greatly impressed Tanzplan Dresdens jury. The production will begin on the 20th of April 2009 in Dresden.

February 2nd to 26th
Advanced dance training / Tanzplan Hamburg

With Victoria Hauke, Stephanie Maher, Gitta Barthel and Jan Burkhardt.

February 2nd
Moving Heads Choreografie im Gesprch / Tanzplan Hamburg

The monthly focus this time on the interfaces between dance, choreography and performance as artistic practice and as theoretical discourse: Isabelle Schad, Bruno Pocheron and Ole Frahm, Torsten Michaelsen/LIGNA, Sand im Getriebe

February 2nd to 27th
Advanced Training / TANZLABOR_21 Frankfurt

With guest trainers Cruz Mata (VE), Michael Schumacher (USA), and Ayman Harper (USA).

Februray 2nd to 4th
Fundus Theater, Kinder testen Schule / Tanzplan Hamburg

In the Kinder testen Schule project, theatre researchers and children come together to develop new kinds of tests with which children can test their school. With Matthias Anton, Hannah Kowalski, Sibylle Peters, Dorothee de Place, Jens Jakob de Place, Christina Witz.

February 5th
Premiere / K3 - Zentrum fr Choreographie / Tanzplan Hamburg at Kampnagel

tddeldddel-ld. A Community Project of the Tanzinitiative Hamburg, Isabelle Schad, Bruno Pocheron / Good Work Productions

February 7th
Workshop / Tanzplan Berlin

Public workshop with Berna Kurt (Istanbul) on "Folk dance reconsidered: Dramaturgical and contextual aspects of contemporary local dance practice in the work of the Bogazii Performing Arts Ensemble in Istanbul" (in English).

February 9th
Public lecture / Tanzplan Berlin

Public lecture with Berna Kurt on "Aspects of male dancing and social prejudice: the case of Sınop keks" (in English)

February 9th to the 13th
ImproWinter 09 / Tanzplan Dresden

Tanzplan Dresdens third ImproWinter is held at the Palucca School from the of. Once again, everything in this workshop week will be about improvisation: contact improvisation, improvisation en pointe, dance and language, dance and architecture, dance and technology, dance and music, Forsythe Improvisation Technologies etc.

February 11th
Presentation / Tanzplan Dsseldorf

Drop out. Conception/Choreography/Project management: Amelie Jalowy, WingTsun Kung Fu/Escrima: Master technician: Stefan Fiege: Video design and documentation: Stefan Weski, Tom Birke: Accompanying social worker: Conny Walbrl.

February 14th
Premiere / Tanzplan Dsseldorf

Alice: In Wonderland! Production: Renat Safiullin; Choreography: Marcus Grolle; Stage and Costumes: Ella Spte; Music: Mathias Haus; Dramaturgy: Stefan Fischer-Fels.

February 14th
Advanced Training / Access to dance. Tanzplan Mnchen

Sabine Hass (Munich). How can a piece based on a literary work be developed as part of a school project? In this workshop dancer, choreographer and dance educator Sabine Hass documents the way in which she guided pupils from the 8th-10th classes of the Munich Montessori School through this process. She will elucidate the preparation for this work, enabling workshop participants to experience individual steps in this development themselves. At the Bavarian State Ballet, Am Platzl 7, 80331 Munich.

February 14th and 15th
Presentation / Tanzplan Berlin

About us #4: Students from the "Contemporary Dance, Context, Choreography" Bachelors programme Lorraine de Marqu, Marysia Zimpel, Alex Jenkins and Felix Ott present their own works in the Tanzfabrik, Mckernstrae 68, 10965 Berlin.

February 15th
Premiere / K3-Jugendclub Tanzplan Hamburg

The K3-Jugendklubs third production with youngsters aged 15 and over 1st Part: Present Progressive (Choreography: Antje Pfundtner) // 2nd Part: Testen (Test) (Choreography: Friederike Lampert).

February 17th to end of April
Course in cooperation with the VHS Hamburg / Tanzplan Hamburg

Gitta Barthel, Tanz im Film. This course examines dances encounter with the medium of film. Examples of major dance films introduce participants to various 20th century dance and movement concepts, which will then be trialed by participants themselves as part of dance practice using simple movement exercises. 9 classes of 120 minutes each, Tuesdays from 17th of at 7pm to 9pm in the K3-Studios.

February the 20th to the 22nd
Presentation / Tanzplan Berlin

:Students from the MA SODA Solo/ Dance/ Authorship Masters programme present the results of their 3rd semesters work at Uferstudio 2.

February 20th
Application deadline / Tanzplan Bremen

From the 14th to the 17th of May 2009 the steptext dance project will present the Xtra FREI Festival and Forum for Independent Contemporary Dance Projects in Bremens Schwankhalle art and artists residence as part of the North Germany's Dance Summit for the third time. Independent companies, young choreographers from northern German city ensembles and Danceplan Local-partners are all invited to apply to take part with their productions in the four-day programme.

February 23rd
Public lecture series A metaphysics of movement(s) /HZT Berlin

Franz Anton Cramer (Berlin / Paris): Concluding summary

February 25th and 26th
Presentation / Tanzplan Dsseldorf

The Brig. Direction: Judith Malina; Props/Lighting: Gary Brackett; Manager: Tom Walker; Production: The Living Theatre with: Gene Ardor, Kesh Baggan, Gary Brackett, David Copley, John Kohan, David Markham-Gessner, Andrew Greer, Albert Lamont, Thom McGinn, William Minogue, Jeff Nash, Johanny Paulino, Issac Scranton, Christopher O'Brien Spicer, Morteza Tavakoli, Evan True, Enoch Wu.

February 27th
talkART tanzlabor / TANZLABOR_21 Frankfurt

With Ann van den Broek (BE) following the performance in the Knstlerhaus Mousonturm.

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New resident choreographers / Tanzplan Hamburg

Over 90 applications from over 30 countries were submitted for the residency programme 2009. The K3 team was advised in the pre-selection process by a jury of experts comprising Edith Boxberger (journalist), deufert plischke (artistwin) and Sven Till (Fabrik Potsdam). The final decision about the residencies for 2009 was made by the K3 team. Fabian Barba (Ecuador), Begm Erciyas (Turkey) and Gudrun Lange (Dusseldorf) were awarded residencies at K3 from the spring of 2009.

March 1st to 5th
Current residencies / Tanzplan Potsdam

Antonia Baehr, Sabine Erckelentz, Andrea Neumann (Berlin), "Notation"

March 2nd to 27th
Advanced Dance Training / TANZLABOR_21 Frankfurt

With Evelin Stadler (D/IT), Gregory Livingston (USA), Elizabeth Waterhouse (USA) and Regina Baumgart (D)

March 2nd to 31st
Current residencies / Tanzplan Potsdam

Norberto Llopis Segarra (Amsterdam), The Present Memory

March 2nd to April 2nd
Advanced Dance Training / Tanzplan Hamburg

With Kerstin Kussmaul, Fiona Gordon, Sri Louise and Anne Rudelbach.

March 5th
talkART tanzlabor / TANZLABOR_21 Frankfurt

Audience discussion with Jan Fabre (BE) after the performance of "Orgy of Tolerance".

March 6th to 8th
Re-staging of 2008 residence productions / Tanzplan Hamburg

Sylvie Kretzschmar, Lautsprecher / Speaker on the 6th of March (Concept | Performance | Music: Sylvie Kretzschmar artistic collaboration: Katrin Mayer, Hanna Linn Wiegel), Doris Stelzer, Views in Process (Concept | Choreography: Doris Stelzer Performance: Josep Caballero Garcia, Ondrˇej Vidlrˇ artistic collaboration: Lieve De Pourcq Sound: Mariella Greil, Werner Mbius Photography: Bettina Frenzel) and Lucia Glass, The Setting (Conception | Choreography: Lucia Glass Dance | Choreography: Andreas Albert Mller, Nils Ulber, Lucia Glass Stage sets: Christin Vahl Costumes: Sebastian Ellrich artistic collaboration: Manon Santkin and David Berg).

March 7th
Performances / Take off: Junger Tanz. Tanzplan Dusseldorf

Ohrenmaus (Big-eared mice) - "Im Zirkus". Ohrenmaus is a series of concerts for the youngest listeners and is designed or children aged four and over. The Ohrenmuse can experience music through movement and actively participate in the concert they can, but they dont have to. With Bert Flas and his drumming class, Birgitt Stamm, dance educator, and Jeanette Kloubek, moderator.

March 8th to 22nd
Current residencies / Tanzplan Potsdam

Martine Pisani (Paris) and Martin Nachbar (Berlin), One Shared (Dreamed) Object

March 13th
talkART tanzlabor / TANZLABOR_21 Frankfurt

Audience discussion with Deja Donne (I/CZ) after the performance of "Piotr and the Stars of Tut".

March 20th to 22nd
Probebhne Eins / Tanzplan Hamburg

Probebhne Eins is a workshop format in which samples of work, brief experiments and projects still in development are shown. Two different evenings will be developed out of ten approximately ten-minute project ideas from contemporary dance and performance. Works by Antoine Effroy, Diana Patricia Escobar Portocarrero, Yolanda Gutirrez, Nina Heinzelmann, Maureen Kgi, Raisa Krger, Elizabeth Ladrn de Guevara, Marie-Alice Schultz, Hana Tefrati, Ursina Tossi are expected.

March 21st and 22nd
Advanced training for dancers and dance educators / Access to dance. Tanzplan Mnchen

Dr. Corinna Vogel (Cologne), How can I utilise the primary school curriculum for a dance project, using the example of German and Mathematics
In this seminar, links will be made between contemporary dance and classic school subjects such as Mathematics, German and General Science. Using practical examples, the possibilities of developing educational objectives and methods of teaching in schools with and through dance, without losing sight of dance as an art form, will be presented and discussed.
At the Bavarian State Ballet, Am Platzl 7, 80331 Munich.

March 22nd
Transmitting dance: Moving Heads Choreography im Gesprch / Tanzplan Hamburg

These monthly discussions focus on the interfaces of dance, choreography and performance as artistic practice and as theoretical discourse: this time Tobias Brenk, Jan-Philipp Possmann and those involved in Probebhne Eins.

March 22nd and April 4th
Workshop / Advanced Training for Teachers / Tanzplan Hamburg

Friederike Lampert, Dance in Schools. In the first part of the workshop designed for teachers and educators, fundamental choreographic working methods at the level of practical dance will be presented. The second part will focus on Specific Site Dance, artistic dance that is not presented on a traditional stage. Different examples will be trialed and public spaces will be investigated for dance and adapted for school projects.

March 27th and 28th
Guest performance / Take off: Junger Tanz. Tanzplan Dusseldorf

Rennen. Ives Thuwis & Gregory Caers/Kopergietery (B). Performance with 21 boys and men. Concept, Director: Gregory Caers, Ives Thuwis; with: Cdric, Jorge, Zeno, Jelle, Jasper, Bosse, Flor, Tuur, Nils, Leander, Abel, Linus, Thomas, Midas, Simon, Oliver, Yahya, Ilja, Boris, Dries, Kwint; Lights, technology: Koen de Saegher; dramatic consultant: Mieke Versyp.

March 28th
Master Class / TANZLABOR_21 Frankfurt

With Ben J. Riepe (D) on his piece amour espace

March 29th and 30th
Performance / Take off: Junger Tanz. Tanzplan Dusseldorf

Nachher, vorher und zugleich. Transition (B). Interactive performance for all aged 6. Conception: Franck Beaubois in cooperation with Patricia Kuypers; Dance: Patricia Kuypers, Franck Beaubois, Programming: Franck Beaubois with consultancy provided by Michal Egger.

March 31st
Call for submissions for the Tanz in Schulen Internet video channel starting at tanznetz.de

tanznetz.tv is opening its own video channel for Tanz-in-Schule (Dance in Schools) projects in Germany in cooperation with the National Association for Dance in Schools (Bundesverband Tanz in Schulen e. V.), in recognition of the increasing interest in such projects. The project is funded by Tanzplan Deutschland. www.tanznetz.de and www.bv-tanzinschulen.de1308

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