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Tanzplan Local was created in order to improve public and political acceptance of contemporary dance in Germany.
In April 2005 a competition was instigated in fourteen selected cities to find ideas for creating both a national and international profile for the project within the framework of Tanzplan Deutschland. Until 2010, the cities with the most innovative and interesting models for developing infrastructures to support dance will receive a maximum of 1.2 million Euros from the Kulturstiftung des Bundes - with the condition that matching funds are provided by city or state.

Before the participating cities were selected, a great deal of research was done to determine which cities were already clearly supporting dance. In intensive discussions with over two hundred representatives of cultural institutions, as well as with artists themselves, local and regional situations were discussed and assessed for their potential development in each city. In view of the extraordinarily positive discussions, almost everyone expressed a desire to work together even after the general concept had been developed.

Based on this, Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Dresden, Dsseldorf, Essen, Frankfort, Hamburg, Hanover, Leipzig, Munich, Potsdam, Stuttgart, and Weimar were invited to develop proposals to improve the situation for contemporary dance. Possibilities included new educational models for dance, training, and choreography; projects to support dance in public schools, the construction of production centres, or the initiation of an exchange/tour programme. The Tanzplan board evaluated the suitability of the artistic concept, the quality of previous work, and the local partners, as well as each projects potential effect on Germany and abroad. The initiators next step was to work out the details of each idea and to once again propose them to the board, along with a binding promise of funding from each city.

On 20 & 21 January 2006, the board of Tanzplan Deutschland Nele Hertling, Reinhild Hoffmann, Dr. Johannes Odenthal and Prof. Dr. Gerald Siegmund awarded the funding for Tanzplan vor Ort to nine cities: Bremen, Dresden, Dsseldorf, Frankfurt, Essen, Hamburg, Mnchen and Potsdam; Berlin was awarded start-up-financing from the Tanzplan Educational Project Funding to develop a Co-operative Educational Centre for Dance.

(Current as of July 2007)79

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