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Tanzplan Quarterly Review99
4th quarter 20081305

September 10th to October 11th
Take-off: 3rd Festival Junger Tanz / Dsseldorf
As part of the 3rd Take-off-Festival Junger Tanz the following productions are on the programme: machtMut Dance theatre for an audience aged 14 and over by silke.z:resistdance (D); Gemeinsam Einsam (German premiere) HipHop dance theatre for an audience aged 12 and over by Raphael Hillebrand and Sbastien Ramirez (D /F); Take-off for the very young aged 0-3, curated by the Dansens Hus in Oslo.

Advanced training /TANZLABOR_21 / Frankfurt
October 1st and 2nd with Juliette Villemin (E)*
October 6th to 10th with Prue Lang (AUS)
October 13th to 17th with Elizabeth Waterhouse (USA)
October 20th to 24th with Iris Tenge (D)
October 27th to 31st with Nicole Berndt-Caccivio (CH)

Master class /TANZLABOR_21 / Frankfurt
On 4.10. from 11am to 2pm Delgado Fuchs (CH/BE) on their current piece Manteau long en laine marine port sur un pull encolure dtendue avec un pantalon peau de pche et des chaussures pointures en nubuck rouge.

Transmitting Dance: talkART tanzlabor /TANZLABOR_21 / Frankfurt
Open discussion with Crystal Pite / Kidd Pivot (CDN) on the 31.10.

October 2nd
Debut Production / K3 Hamburg
Claudia Lichtblau NOTETT, Passing comments. How do you speak if everything already seems to have been said? How does art find its place? With Marine Fourniol and Matthias Hartmann.

October 5th
Moving Heads Choreography in discussion | K3 Hamburg
With the start of the 08/09 programme year, K3 also starts the Moving Heads lecture series. Once a month the focus is on the interfaces of dance, choreography and performance as artistic practice and as theoretical discourse, with the aesthetic, historic, and socio-political contexts of artistic and theoretical work another topic of particular interest. Its also about creating another form of communication between the audience, artists, researchers and institutions. The idea of discourse as a complex communication structure in direct exchange should be reflected not only in the content, but also in the form of the discussion. To start the series, Irmela Kstner and Barbara Schmidt-Rohr (Tanzinitiative Hamburg) are inviting guests to a discussion with choreographer Claudia Lichtblau and director Laurent Chtouane about thinking in bodies, shifts in time, the spaces of language and movement, and the gaze of the spectator.

Advanced dance training / K3 Hamburg
September 29th to October 2nd with Anna MacRae, Contemporary Technique
October 6th to 9th with Gitta Barthel, Tanztheater Pina Bausch Sacre
October 13th to 16th with Fiona Gordon, Modern Dance Technique
October 20th to 23th with Antoine Effroy, Contemporary Dance

October 2nd to 5th
Laban Conference
Tanzplans Educational Programme finances the participation of professors in dance training at the Laban Conference on the topic of Linking yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The conference will be held in the Akademie der Knste in Berlin.

October 2nd to 11th
Herbstleuchten / Tanzplan Potsdam
Presentation of works from the Potsdam Residencies 2008. While most of the artistic work and research taking place in the fabrik essentially occurs behind closed doors, "Herbstleuchten" seeks to open up these very same doors to the wider public. The showcase presents work both by artists taking part in the "Tanzplan Potsdam: Artists-in-Residency" program, as well as resident fabrik artists showing current work that reflects a wide range of artistic formats and signatures. What they have in common is a concentrated focus on the body - examining its potential, exploring codifications of and perceptions about the body, while utilizing it in unexpected ways as a carrier of events and facilitator of communication between performers and audience. We are greatly looking forward to two intensive weekends with dance pieces, performances, concerts and a film.

October 15th and 16th
Presentation About us / HZT Berlin
The Contemporary dance, context, choreography (BA) pilot programme has achieved three semesters of work to develop and consolidate the course. In the winter semester 2008/9 presentations of stage projects, results of artistic research, the performance of Own Projects and an information event will provide an insight into the progress of the study programme so far, its goals and its working methods under the title About us. 1st event in October with Yves-Nol Genod (F): Dantons Tod (Dantons death) // Rosalind Crisp (Aus/F): 36 movements for the arms and legs.

October 15th to 19th
EXPLORATIONEN 08 / tanzplan essen 2010
2. Symposium fr Lernaktivisten at PACT Zollverein with e.g. lecture with Prof. Dr. Dirk Rustemeyer (D) "Transformations. Symbolic forms of knowledge.", followed by Opening of the "City Changes" exhibition by Tim Etchells (GB) and performance / TANZ "On Release Now!" and final projects by P.A.R.T.S. graduates 2008.

October 17th to 26th
K3 on tour / Hamburg
Jenny Beyer TanzTanz, Festival Nottdance, Nottingham

October 20th to 21st
Workshop on curating dance /Tanzplan Deutschland
Tanzplan Deutschland invites to an interdisciplinary workshop on the subject curating dance. Restricted to 15 invited participants, this 1st workshop of selected curators, artists and professionals from the performing and visual arts will discuss the question of the extent to which it would be worth while promoting and developing curating in the long term, as a cultural practice between the production and transmission of knowledge, with a focus on dance and performance. Conception and moderation by Christine Peters.

October 27th
Public lecture series: A metaphysics of movement(s) /HZT Berlin
Vronique Fabri (Paris): Physik und Metaphysik (der Bewegung): Henri Bergson (and Rudolf von Laban).

October 27th to November 9th
Artists in Residence / Potsdam
Raffaella Galdi (Berlin), Modes of Locomotion. "Modes of Locomotion" investigates the connections and possibilities of interaction between dance and text. The dance material will be developed using improvisation scores, with written and spoken texts providing an impetus for research into movement.

October 29th to November 2nd
6. Norddeutsches Tanztreffen Tanzplan Bremen in Bremen
For five days, dance from northern Germany can be experienced in Bremen in all its facets and for all age groups: dance theatre, ballet and performances, to join in with and to watch. Dance companies from Osnabrck, Greifswald/Stralsund, Bremerhaven, and Hamburg gave guest performances, presenting peices by Luc Dunberry, Ralf Drnen, Sergei Vanaev and Jaroslav Ivanenko, and demonstrating the range and diversity of dance on the stages of northern Germany. Productions by independet choreographers such as Antje Pfundtner from Hamburg, Felix Landerer from Hannover and the steptext dance project from Bremen show whats happening in northern Germanys independent dance scene. There are four dance pieces by and for a young audience on the programme, from tanzwerk, from DE LooPERS, from young artists, and from Bremens primary schools for their contemporaries. Events celebrate the 65th birthday of Reinhild Hoffmann and the 40-year existence of the Tanztheater Bremen, workshops, talks, lectures, video installations, participatory activities, a mediathek, panel discussions, and film completed the programme.

Professional Classes / TANZLABOR_21 / Frankfurt
November 3th to 7th with Kurt Koegel (USA)
November 10th to 14th / 17th to 21st with Annette Lopez (D)
November 24th to 28th with Regina Baumgart (D) - Cunningham class

Advanced Dance Training / K3 Hamburg
November 10th to 13th with Angelique Willkie Contemporary Technique
Novemer 17th to 20th with Antje Pfundtner If you cant fix it feature it
November 24th to 27th with Anne Rudelbach Contemporary Dance Training

Master Class / TANZLABOR_21 / Frankfurt
November 1th with Mathilde Monnier (BE)
November 8th with Andr Gingras / Korzo producties (CDN/NL) on his piece The Autopsy Project
November 29th with Ted Stoffer / Les Ballets C. de la B. (BE) on his piece APHASIADISIAC

Transmitting Dance talkART tanzlabor / TANZLABOR_21 / Frankfurt
November 7th - talkART with Andr Gingras / Korzo producties (CDN/NL) after the performance The Autopsy Project
November 28th - talkART with Ted Stoffer / Les Ballets C. de la B. (BE) after the performance APHASIADISIAC

November 1st
Ohrenmaus Im Schloss /Take-off: Junger Tanz. Tanzplan Dsseldorf
Music and dance for children aged 4 and over. Running, jumping, hopping, flying, creeping, stamping, stopping children aged between four and six become Ohrenmuse, hearing with their big ears and dancing on their nimble legs. Music is experienced through movement! Children will be encouraged not to passively sit still but to actively take part! Dance instructor Birgitt Stamm will be there to show everyone how. Take-off Youngsters. With choreographies by Ulla Geiges, Rebekka Schfer and Gerda Knig.

November 5th
Premiere / K3 Hamburg
Lucia Glass The Setting. Concept | choreography: Lucia Glass; dance | choreography: Andreas Albert Mller, Nils Ulber, Lucia Glass; stage design: Christin Vahl; costumes: Sebastian Ellrich; artistic advise: Manon Santkin und David Berg.

November 6th to 9th
Meeting International "Dance Plans" in Zurich
A workshop of international Tanzplans takes place on the 5th and 6th of November as part of the IETM Meeting in Zurich with representatives from Germany, Switzerland, Flanders, France, Holland, Finland, Ireland, England, Spain, Denmark and Canada, among others. It involves not only shared perspectives but also a discussion of differences; an exchange of views and ideas that will tie in with dialogues begun during the Biennale in Lyon in September. It also fits in well with the topic of this years meeting, misunderstanding. Speakers from the fields of art, economy and politics discuss the destructive yet productive potential of 'misunderstanding' in a European cultural context with experts from the performing arts in Zurich.

November 10th
Transmiting Dance K3 / Hamburg
Moving Heads: Round Table | Kitchen Party

November 11th
Meins! (Mine!) /Take-off: Junger Tanz. Tanzplan Dsseldorf
Dance theatre for children aged 2 and over. How can I recognise my home? What does the feeling of security consist of? Who should share my home with me? And who am I when I leave my own four walls? Two dancers and a musician tell two year-olds all about home, using sounds, rhythms, tones and bodies, dancing and researching what can happen between inside and outside, the familiar and the strange, mine and yours.
Director: Andrea Kramer / Stage sets and costumes: Ulv Jakobsen / Dramaturgy: Stefanie Schnitzler / With: Charis Nass, Xolani Mdluli, Andreas Ils.

November 11th and 12th
Workshop / Access to Dance Mnchen
Italian company Deja Donne (Simone Sandroni and Lenka Flory) holds a one-day workshop with students from the Berufsfachschule Bogenhausen. Following the workshop, the students will participate in a longer dance project with choreographer and dance educator Christa Coogan from Tanz und Schule as part of the curriculum.

November 14th
4th Think Tank Dance Congress 2009
All participants have the opportunity to suggest subjects according to an Open Space Method that has been developed for large groups. Under the supervision of an experienced coach, work groups will then be formed to address these subjects. The entire agenda will thus be developed in real time using the participants input.

November 14th and 15th
Courses / K3 Hamburg
Maren Strack / Berlin, Between the visual Arts and Performance, November 14th (3pm to 7pm) and 15th (10am to 6pm)

November 15th
Advanced Training / Access to Dance Mnchen
One-day advanced training course for dance educators with Sabine Hass. How can a piece based on a literary work be developed as part of a school project?

November 17th
Public lecture series: A metaphysics of movement(s) / HZT Berlin
Boyan Manchev (Sofia / Paris): Meta-metabole, or to transform the transformation. Aristotle, Bergson, Bataille

November 17th to 21st
4th Work week / tanzplan essen 2010
Work Week VERWEILE DOCH, DU BIST SO SCHN (Ah, linger on, thou art so fair) from the at Folkwang Academy. Public presentation: November 27th and 28th, Folkwang Academy, Alte Aula / Deutsches Tanzarchiv Kln. This work week is aimed at introducing first semester students at the Folkwang Academys dance department inventively to the subject dance archiving preserving and remembering dance history. The project is based on the Dance Departments archive which, since a fire at the Folkwang Academy in March 2008, is entrusted to the care of the German Dance Archive Cologne.

November 17th to December 7th
Artists in Residence / Potsdam
Compana Pendiente / Ana Eulate (Barcelona / Aix en Provence), Like a Big Wall of Windows. Spanish choreographer Ana Eulate and British cellist Frances Bartlett, who presented a version of "Like a big wall of windows" at this years Tanztage, met Japanese visual artist Masako Hattori during their residency. Based on an encounter of equals, this work is about an approach towards the fine line between life and death and the possibility of presenting them in art.

November 19th
Premiere / K3 Hamburg
Sylvi Kretzschmar Lautsprecher / Speaker. Concept | performance | music: Sylvi Kretzschmar; outside eye: Katrin Mayer, Hanna Linn Wiegel.

November 24th
Public lecture series: A metaphysics of movement(s) / HTZ Berlin
Barbara Bscher (Leipzig / Cologne): "101 Art, Bewegung einzufangen. berlegungen zum Verhltnis von Bewegung Medien Bildern"

November 25th
Course / K3 Hamburg
Starting of the practical dance course in cooperation with th VHS Hamburg with Gitta Barthel Experiencing and understanding contemporary dance.

November 26th to December 14th
Artists in Residence / Potsdam
Alexander Baervoets (Brussels) & Maren Witte (Berlin), Grace. Choreographer Alexander Baervoets and dance dramaturge Maren Witte have dedicated their joint researches to the topic of "Grace", investigating the expectations that the word evokes and its social, aesthetic, political and religious aspects. They also deal with the issue of the potential and power that assigned to the observer (as spectator or partner) in this context.

November 27th to 29th
About us: 2nd round / HTZ Berlin
The Contemporary dance, context, choreography (BA) pilot programme has achieved three semesters of work to develop and consolidate the course. In the winter semester 2008/9 presentations of stage projects, results of artistic research, the performance of Own Projects and an information event will provide an insight into the progress of the study programme so far, its goals and its working methods under the title About us. The BA-students present their own work from the 4. term.

November 29th
Deadline for applications / Tanzplan Educational Programme
Educational training qualification for dance educators in schools: As part of its Educational Programme, Tanzplan Deutschland seeks to promote the qualification of dance educators in schools and sustainably support current developments with specific projects in their education and training. This initiative is aimed at colleges and universities that could develop an appropriate concept in cooperation with independent organisations and projects. The focus would be on artistic orientation in dance educator training for Dance in Schools.

December 3rd
Premiere / K3 Hamburg
Doris Stelzer Views in Progress. Concept | choreography: Doris Stelzer; performance: Josep Caballero Garcia; outside eye: Lieve De Pourcq; sound: Mariella Greil, Werner Mbius; photography: Bettina Frenzel.

December 15th
Public lecture series: A metaphysics of movement(s) /HZT Berlin
Christian Kupke (Berlin): Die Schrift der Bewegung: Krperlichkeit, Ablauf, Struktur1306

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