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The Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media is providing follow-up financial support to fund the office of the Stiftung TANZ Transition Centre Germany) in 2011:
The Stiftung TANZ Transition Centre Germany, which was launched in January 2010, is to receive the one-off support to continue the funding from Tanzplan Deutschland an initiative of the German Federal Cultural Foundation. The funding of 50,000 euros agreed by the Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media will sustain the office in the coming year and allow the foundation to step up its activities.

The foundations advisory work began in August 2010 and it has already supported more than 50 professional dancers from across Germany from the free dance scene as well as from city and national theatres in relation to their transition to other work now that their active dance careers have ended. Many dancers who have made an extraordinary personal contribution to the dance careers and achieved many glittering achievements are faced with many bureaucratic, financial and psychological hurdles in this transition phase. The Stiftung TANZ provides information support and assistance so that dancers can develop new careers.

Alongside its advisory activities, the Stiftung TANZ is also planning to award emergency bursaries to dancers who are not entitled to any public funding for new professional training or for studies. The Stiftung TANZ Transition Zentrum Deutschland is therefore looking for donors as well as other foundations that are interested in becoming co-operation partners.1535

Stiftung TANZ Transition Zentrum Deutschland was launched recently. The sole, direct and non-profit-making aim of the foundation, whose office is funded by Tanzplan Deutschland, is to use intangible and material resources to support dance creators. The focus on support for dancers during their training years, during their careers and in particular during the transition to a new career once their active dance careers have come to an end.

Transition is unavoidable in the careers of stage dancers. Dancers have to find a new career for themselves after a relatively short period of time working as a stage dancer. Every professional dancer therefore has to consider re-training and further training. Dancing is more than just a job. For dancers, it is their profession, their calling. They define their lives and their personalities on the basis of dance. The early training from childhood onwards, the physical high performance and the intensity of the dancing take up the everyday lives of dancers and offer only very limited scope for early preparation for a second occupation.
This is why dancers lives are often troubled by doubt, insecurity and a feeling of great emptiness during and at the end of their careers. What comes next? Who can help them through the institutional and bureaucratic jungle? Where do they find the help, support, supervision and awareness raising means that are necessary for a successful transition process? Where do they find help to deal with social hardship and poverty in old age? How does a freelance artist, who is often excluded from the social security system, finance embarking on a new direction in his or her career? How does he or she pay for study courses?

In recognition of these needs, the Transition and Social Issues working group of the Dachverband Tanz - Stndige Konferenz e.V. (the permanent conference of the umbrella association for dance), supported by the Performing Arts Fund, initiated the pre-investment study called The Development of Models for the Dance Transition Centre Germany, which was published in March 2008. This was followed by a workshop, supported by Tanzplan Deutschland, which involved the government departments and institutions that are relevant to the transition issue. This ended in the start-up initiative adopting a recommended course of action put forward by the Culture in Germany cross-party working group that, based on the pre-investment study, recommends supporting dancers during and after their dance careers via a relevant TRANSITION foundation. (BT-D.16/7000, p. 321)

Office hours: Monday 2 - 7 pm // Tuesday 9 am - 1 pm and 2 - 6 pm // Wednesday 2 - 6 pm // Thursday 8 - 11 am.

Workshop "Developing Visions and Networking / Transition Centre Germany
The Stiftung TANZ Transition Centre Germany is organising its first transition workshop for professional dancers in Berlin on 19 and 20 June 2011. The title of the workshop is Developing Visions and Networking.

In addition to factual information from the Federal Employment Agency about retraining, information from the Versicherungskammer Bayern on compensation and information on the federal financial support that is available for students via BAfG, the workshop will also offer practical support for exploring ones own skills and interests. Supported by workshop leaders, participants will develop their own individual visions for the future and reflect on these with the other participants. Those taking part in the workshops will also be required to plan their next concrete steps.

Who: The workshop will be led by Katrin Kolo, dancer, choreographer, business consultant and co-founder of the voluntary Transition-in-dance Munich initiative, and Heike Scharpff, project manager of the Stiftung TANZ, psychologist and director.
When: Sunday 19 June 2011, 3pm, until Montag 20 June 2011, 5pm.
Where: EDEN*****, Breite Strae 43, 13187 BerlinPankow, www.eden-berlin.com
Fee: EUR 50 per participant. The Stiftung TANZ - Transition Centre Germany will cover the costs of rail travel (with a Bahncard 50 or early bird rate/Bahncard 25) or car travel or the cost of a single hotel room if needed. Some guest rooms are available at EDEN*****.
Registration: until 15 May 2011 at info(a)stiftung-tanz.com

Heike Scharpff is happy to conduct free, one-to-one discussions even after the June workshop. Professional transitions take time, in our experience from several months to several years. The Stiftung TANZ Transition Centre Germany offers free and confidential support for professional dancers during this transition process.1536

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