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The dance scene has been looking for years for a national, comprehensive network strengthen the visibility of dance. The formation of the Umbrella Association for Dance / Permanent Conference for Dance and the national Dance in Schools association are signs of this. At the same time, the esteem that needed to be won among politicians via competent, intra-regional initiatives for dance became clear.

Tanzplan Deutschland, the Umbrella Association of Dance in Germany and Dance Congress Hamburg 2009 invited around 40 experts from networks, performing arts institutions and cultural policy to discuss the necessity, tasks and mode of operation of a national structure for dance. The event took place during the Dance Congress Hamburg 2009 event.

It was clear that the proposed National Dance Office should support professional dancers, their projects and the work of the production, performance and training locations in Germanys cities and regions. It was also clear that it should work closely with regional dance offices and associations. The aim is to act together to strengthen dance while at the same time maintaining the regional structures that already exist to promote artistic production and broaden the reach of culture.

Building on the results of the discussions of the experts, the Umbrella Association of Dance in Germany and Tanzplan Deutschland have drawn up a first draft that they are using in talks about the implementation chances of the draft with the relevant representatives of the regional cultural and art ministries in Germany and Germanys Commissioner for Cultural and Media Affairs. The draft in essence envisages a flexible working structure with professional workers and the following tasks:

Service, advice and information for professional dancers
Communication and a national network of regional partners
Visibility of competencies in dance (regional, national und international)
Development of new initiatives for dance

The aim is for the proposed National Dance Office to be funded collectively by the German regions and the Commissioner for Cultural and Media Affairs with the Commissioner providing the initial funding.

You can find the current draft of concept for a National Dance Office here.

For additional information then please contact Michael Freund from the Umbrella Association of Dance in Germany by telephone on 0049-30-791 16 92 or by E-Mail at m.freundt@dachverband-tanz.de

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