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Tanzplan Deutschland push-started this initiative, which finished with a publication (which you find here to download) and the presentation in a Questions & Answers format at the Tanzkongress 09.1263

Restricted to 15 invited participants, the 1st workshop of selected curators, artists and professionals from the performing and visual arts discussed the question of the extent to which it would be worth while promoting and developing curating in the long term, as a cultural practice between the production and transmission of knowledge, with a focus on dance and performance.

A multidisciplinary and internationally networked contemporary art practice raises the question of higher professionalisation for prospective and 'advanced' curators in the area of the performing arts that would go beyond organisational and management issues and could help to relieve current deficits in the area of communication, publication and theory.

Models, potentials and profiles around the topic of curating were initially therefore investigated from various professional perspectives with the goal of creating a snapshot and a recommendation for generating possible and future initiative projects in the area of further education and training at the interface between theory and practice.

Should a "curatorial studies" programme, comparable with those in the visual arts, be initiated at those colleges that provide practical and theoretical education and training in the area of dance? If yes, where should it be held, how should it be structured and from what level of professionalisation would such a programme be interesting (e.g. Modular? Complementary? Full time?)? If no, what are the experiences and arguments that would militate against it?

The first interdisciplinary initiative workshop did not, in a period of Bologna, pursue an immanent culture political strategy, but intially raised the issue of the advantages and disadvantages and overall problematic of the topic in all its facets and analyse it.

Based on the many promising interim results of the first workshop on the topic of "Dance/Curating between Theory and Practice" held in October 08 in Berlin, the second workshop toke place at the invitation of Tanzplan Deutschland and Prof. Dr. Beatrice von Bismarck on the 4th and 5th of May, 2009 at the Hochschule fr Grafik und Buchkunst (Academy of Visual Arts) in Leipzig.

The workshop aimed to formulate further concrete methods for encouraging interdisciplinary cooperation and promoting curators across different universities and institutions in Leipzig through the continuing exchanges of experience and positions among selected curators, artists and educators from the performing and visual arts.
As part of the workshop, deufert plischke also gave their lecture-performance KonSequenzen. Specifically designed for the contexts of artistic and theoretical research, it included quotations from their own work and extracts from the lectures of theoretician friends. In the specific context of the topic of curating, deufert plischke examined the question of the significance of the policy of decision-making in artistic creation.

All workshops and meetings were concepted and moderated by Christine Peters.

A first, concrete approach for a long-term co-operation and dovetailing has been formulated: Professors Beatrice von Bismarck and Gabriele Brandstetter are currently working together to develop specific formats for the practice orientated Cultures of the Curatorial study programme at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig and for the dance studies programme at the Free University in Berlin. It will be open to external curators who want to study and acquire particular theoretical and practical themes. This additional qualification on the one hand covers the compiling of the theoretical resources necessary to analyse and develop festivals, exhibitions and other forms of conveying culture. It also includes another essential aspect in the setting of theoretical goals, i.e. deceleration.1265

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