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Current activities
The new website (first as a prototype) Digital Dance Atlas is online.1214

A re-assessment of dance and choreographic culture is currently taking place in Germany. Alongside the production of artistic works, the matter of how to handle the historical legacy and choreographic tradition has also come to the fore. Tanzplan Deutschland is anxious to accompany and support this development. On the initiative of Tanzplan, representatives from German dance archives (as Akademie der Knste Berlin, Deutsches Tanzarchiv Kln, Mime Centrum Berlin, Tanzfilminstitut Bremen and Tanzarchiv Leipzig e.V.) have come together for 11 working groups since February 2007. In order to forward their mutual interests together, the collection institutions named formed the Association of German Dance Archives (VDT) in April 2008 and prepared an appeal that you can read (in German) here .

Tanzplan Deutschland is also committed to issues concerned with practical procedures, such as the development of online formats in order to increase the visibility of the cultural legacy of dance and allow it to flow into day-to-day training, teaching, research and wider cultural work. In the Yearbook 2009 of Tanzplan Deutschland, some of these thoughts were presented.

Copyright issues also need to be clarified in this respect. Tanzplan Deutschland therefore organised a working group in partnership with the Berlin Academy of the Arts to discuss the topic of Copyright on Dance Works in the Digital Environment.
The experts invited to take part were: Elizabeth Aldrich (Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.), Martin Berg (Goethe Institute, Munich), Kurt Deggeller (Memoriav, Bern), Prof. Dr. Claudia Jeschke (University of Salzburg), Dries Moreels (Flemish Theater Institute, Brussels), PD Dr. habil. Holger Simon (PROMETHEUS Image Archive), Karin Stengel (documenta Archive, Kassel), Prof. Dr. Rupert Vogel, RA (Karlsruhe), Prof. Dr. Axel-Artur Wandtke (Humboldt University, Berlin).

We will be providing you with a written account of the outcomes of the conference and the further action to be taken. The report will be available here.1216

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