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Dance Theory / History of Dance757

Project description759
In November 2006 the Dance theory/History of Dance was founded. Its members are Angela Rannow (Palucca School Dresden), Heide Tegeder (Professor of contemporary dance and dance education at Cologne University), Gabriele Wittmann (journalist and teacher at the HfMDK Frankfurt), Roman Arndt (teacher at the Folkwangschule Essen) and Prof. Dr. Ralf Stabel (head of the State Ballet School of Berlin).

For the first time, a collective discussion was held about this subject, on which great importance will be placed in future training. The content and status of the subject in training institutions in Germany have not been clearly stated and vary widely from institution to institution, as a survey by the working group from the German Institutes revealed. The status of educators must also be clarified. The group requested an analysis that would enable them to formulate recommendations for the subject, i.e. to expand it and design it to be practice-oriented.

The goal of this subject is to develop an awareness of the connections between history, and the history of art and dance resulting in a more precise understanding of the present and to verbalisation and criticism skills. The content covers the entire repertoire, selecting exemplary epochs and works. Practical difficulties: low levels of general and dance-related knowledge, language problems.

The group will formulate a series of proposals, including the trying-out of new methods, the opening up of sources and the development of modules and tools, which will be specified in detail at the next meeting (expected to be in December 07).760

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