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E-Learning Programme1408
Virtual Dance University Project
by Claudia Jeschke and Nicole Haitzinger1409

Project description1410
The idea of setting up a virtual dance university with mobile and flexible possibilities for designing courses can be traced back to an idea and the many years of teaching experience of Prof. Dr. Claudia Jeschke. In close cooperation with Dr. Nicole Haitzinger, four courses taught in the dance science study phase as e-learning courses in the Department of Music and Dance Science on site at the Universitt Salzburg (Salzburg University) have been developed (in German and English):
Einfhrung in die Tanzwissenschaft (Introduction to dance science)
Tanzgeschichte I and II (Dance History I and II)
Zum Medien-Archiv des Tanzes (The Media Archive of Dance)
Tanznotation (Dance Notation)

The special conjunction of the historical Derra de Moroda Dance Archives that are held on-site and the academically-based dance sciences at Salzburg also form an ideal basis for the correlation of little-known materials and historical materials and contemporary discourses that would otherwise be hard to access. The courses integrate (current and historical) text and image materials, primary and secondary literature, brief video clips and interactive tools.

In contrast to a published introductory standard work on dance science, the mobile virtual format has the advantage that the individual modules can be continuously adapted. This facilitates the process-oriented understanding of the generation and dissemination of knowledge in the area of dance science.

In the course of the introduction of B.A. and M.A. programmes into the art and music universities in German-speaking countries, it has become clear that the theory programme required for dancers in training and education in the curriculum cannot always be provided by those teaching at these schools. The format of a virtual dance university is able to quickly and flexibly adapt its modules to specific circumstances, depending on the requirements and existing knowledge of users from Salzburg in cooperation with interested training and educational institutions.

Tanzplan Ausbildungsprojekte is financing the evaluation phase, which will be held from March to October 2007 at the Folkwang Schule in Essen.1411

Tanzplan Deutschland

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March to October 20071425

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