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From 2005 to 2009, Tanzplan Deutschland provided a total of 900,000 in co-production funding for the National Performance Network (NPN), which promotes exchanges among contemporary dance productions in Germany. The schemes great success has led the German Federal Cultural Foundation to extend this funding for another year, making 200,000 available for 2010.

NPN Dances goal is to promote national exchanges in the area of contemporary dance by financially supporting cooperative projects between event organisers and dance groups from various German states. The German Federal Cultural Foundations support has enabled existing guest performance funding to be supplemented with co-production funding of a total of 1.1 million, which will continue for the entire period of Tanzplan (until the end of 2010).

This funding is designed to support individual artists and companies working on co-productions with event organisers in other Bundeslaender (German states) and in other countries and whose artistic work has a relevance beyond their own region. Applicants must be based in Germany and the production must be predominantly developed and carried out in Germany. A further important precondition of the co-production funding is that it must involve either two partner organisations from different German Bundeslaender cooperating with a third international partner, or a cooperation between two partners, one from a former East German and one from a former West German Bundesland. Co-productions can be supported with funding covering up to 50% of production costs.

Application deadline ended on: April 15th, 2010.

Artists funded so far (in alphabetical order, 2005 until 2010):
Rosemary Butcher, Episodes of Flight

Laurent Chtouane, Tanzstck #3

Cie. Isabelle Schad, There is no exception to the rule because I am never what I have

cie. toula limnaios, life is perfect
cie. toula limnaios, reading tosca
cie. toula limnaios, wound

Compagnie Felix Ruckert, Betwixt & Between
Compagnie Felix Ruckert, Messiah Game
Compagnie Felix Ruckert, water music

Dj Donn, A Glimpse of Hope
Dj Donn, Not Made for Flying

Stefan Dreher / Victoria Hauke, Superimposing

deufert&plischke in Zusammenarbeit mit Jeroen Peeters, Anarchiv#1: I am not a Zombie
deufert&plischke in Zusammenarbeit mit DDDorvillier und Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt, Anarchiv#2: second hand
deufert&plischke, Directory 2 - Songs of love and war
deufert&plischke, REportable Portraits
deufert+plischke, Songs of Love and War

Jo Fabian, Independent Swan

Gintersdorfer / Klaen, Logobi
Gintersdorfer / Klassen, DJ Mystique

Wilhelm Groener, Am Bildaltar

Jenny Haack, Zwischen Dingen

Nik Haffner, Unaccompanied

Ayman Harper, The Lid / The In Betweens

Heike Hennig & Co, ZeitSprnge

Prue Lang, Infinite Temporal Series II

Thomas Lehmen, Lehmen lernt

Xavier le Roy, Le Sacre du Printemps
Xavier le Roy, Ohne Titel

Charles Linehan, Number Stations & Happy Days

Living Room / Micha Purucker, XXL-re.enactment


Martin Nachbar, Urheben Aufheben

Antje Pfundtner, "Tim Acy"
Antje Pfundtner, Outlanders

Dorothea Ratzel, TAT/ORT 1

Dorothea Ratzel / Jochen Roller, Kojote eine Moralanalyse

Ben J. Riepe, Liebe, Tod und Teufel. Aktion: ben Schnheit zu sehen (5 Bilder)
Ben J. Riepe, La Terribilit

Alexandre Roccoli, A Short Term Effect

Colette Sadler, Musical

Eszter Salamon, NVSBL
Eszter Salamon, Dance for Nothing

Isabelle Schad / Laurent Goldring, Unturtled #3

Showcase Beat le Mot, 1534
Showcase Beat le Mot, Alarm Hamburg Shanghai
Showcase Beat le Mot, EUROPIRAADID
Showcase Beat le Mot, Vote Zombie Andy Beuyz

Richard Siegal, As if Stranger // Muscle

Tanzinitiative Hamburg e.V., Cinderella Games
Tanzinitiative Hamburg, gimme shelter

Helena Waldmann, Crash Test Dummy / Crash

Lit Walkey, Like that, like this

White Horse, Romance

Chris Ziegler, bullitt552

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