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Since April 2006, professional German dance has a new, bilingual Internet portal in dance-germany.org. The dance directory is organized as a decentralized, non-commercial network, and promises to be a comprehensive research tool for those interested in dance. Besides many other subjects, there are current dates and addresses, which can be added and updated by participants themselves.

Short guide
Step 1: Registration

1. You must to log in as a person to participate in Dance Germany. To do this, click on Register /Login and select Log in/register in the window that then opens.

2. Click then on I want to log in/register as an arts professional or culture administrator and enter your name in the window that opens* (*you can the add artists names later where necessary).

3. Please fill in the following required fields*: Genre, Telephone, City and User Name. Under User Name you can enter any name and a password. This account is your key to all entries in Dance Germany database(* for a detailed presentation of your resume or CV please fill in all other fields).

4. Finally, please click on log in/register. You will now be able to use all Dance Germany services.

Step 2: Entering events

1. Under Register/ Login please click on Enter Event

2. Log in using your name and password an. You can enter the following events in the window that opens:
- Individual event (Events taking place on just one day)
- Multiple events (Events taking place over several days, e.g. an exhibition)
- Series of events (Several events taking place, perhaps at various venues, e.g. a theatre performance)

3. Please fill in the required fields: Title, City, Venue, Category, Date.

4. In the case of a series of events always fill in all the required fields that are the same for all the events. You can then use the calendar symbol to change the event into a series of events and enter variations for the individual days.

5. Please select venues, event organizers and ensembles from the database as far as possible.
You can enter any addresses that are missing in the database under Addresses.

6. Please enter only URLs in the Ticketing Link field, no telephone numbers or e-mail addresses. These can be entered in the additional price information text field.

7. You will also find a detailed step-by-step PFD file guide to making entries in our database cb-event behind the question mark on the upper right-hand side of the log in mask or under http://cb-event.de/doc/cb-event_reader.pdf.

You can of course contact the editorial staff of Dance Germany in Aachen by phone or e-mail:
Mo to Fr from 9 am 5 pm
Tel. 0241 33686
E-mail: dg-redaktion@dance-germany.org

Specially-developed software provides a range of tools to support the marketing and public relations work of dance companies and institutions. The Society for Contemporary Dance in North Rhine-Westphalia and Regional Office for Dance "www.tanznrw.de" is responsible for content. Technical support is provided by Stiftung kulturserver GmbH, which maintains a national German cultural data network. www.kulturserver.de572

The software developed especially for this site offers a series of tools to support marketing and publicity for dance companies and institutions. The Stiftung Kulturserver GmbH, which operates a cultural databank in Germany, is in charge of the contents and created the website.573

Tanzplan Deutschland

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