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Tanzplan Quarterly Review99
1st quarter 20081048

W3 Professorship on limited appointment for Dance Studies
with a focus on Choreography and Performance

The Faculty of Language, Literature, Culture of the Justus-Liebig University Giessen seeks to appoint this new professorship for a duration of three years, beginning October 1st, 2008 within the context of TANZLABOR_21.

Change to the board at Tanzplan Deutschland

Dr. Antje Klinge joined the Tanzplan Deutschland board in February, succeeding Prof. Dr. Gerald Siegmund, who has left the board for professional reasons.

February 4th to 8th

Within the context of Tanzplan Dresden, seven international lecturers take place at Palucca Schule Dresden Hochschule fr Tanz.

February 7th, 8th and 9th
Premiere in Dresden

Unschuld und Bosheit. Die Jungfrau Maleen, Regie: Helma Sanders-Brahms / Choreography: Karine Saporta at Festspielhaus Hellerau.

February 15th
Premieres in Bremen

corps liquide: The cooperation between French string duo ANDA and the choreographers and a concert by the musicians came about during a residency of several weeks by the musicians in Bremen, which was made possible by Institut Franais Bremen.

February 21st 24th 2008
German Dance Platform 2008 in Hanover

From the eighth edition of the German Dance Platform is presented in Hanover. This biennial forum for contemporary dance 'made in Germany' takes place in various cities, for the first time in Lower Saxony. The German Dance Platform belongs to the most important dance events in the German dance calendar in 2008, where cutting edge dance productions Made in Germany can be seen and discussed. At the same time, it is meeting point for international dance professionals (promoters, artists and journalists, etc.) as well as the interested public.

February 26th to March 4th 2008
Within the festival context #5 / Hebbel am Ufer the first Dance Education Biennale - Tanzplan Deutschland takes place. On the initiative of Tanzplans Educational Programme, all 11 national dance training institutions meet for the first time for a week of work and presentations in Berlin. This pilot project is being financed by Tanzplan Deutschland and planned and organized in cooperation with the Hebbel am Ufer theatre. The goal of this eight-day platform is to raise the profile of the diversity of dance training in Germany and to discuss current topics und issues of contemporary and classical dance, using the example of new learning tools, as well as to provide for an intense exchange of ideas and experience among students and educators.

Jury decision for 2008 in Hamburg

Three young choreographers will work at K3/Tanzplan Hamburg from April to December 2008, presenting their resulting productions in autumn. Lucia Glass (Berlin), Sylvi Kretzschmar (Cologne) and Doris Stelzer (Vienna) were selected from about 100 international applicants. The jury of experts advising the K3 team on selection in 2008 will consist of Edith Boxberger (journalist), deufert + plischke (artist twins) and Sally de Kunst (artistic director of the Belluard Bollwerk International festival, Fribourg/Switzerland).

Artists-in-Residence in Potsdam

Paula E. Paul (D), Jan Mech (NL), Sabine Zahn (D) and Mrten Spngberg (SE).

Professional classes in Frankfurt

With Gregory Livingston (USA) from the 3rd to 7th of March, with Regina Baumgart (D) from the 10th to 14th of March, with Nina Hnel (D) on the 17th and 18th of March, with Karen Piewig (D) on the 19th and 20th and from the 25th to 28th of March with Nicole Peisl (AT). Training times: Mo-Fr from 10 to 11.30am at Dr. Hochs Konservatorium, Sonnemannstr. 16, 60314 Frankfurt.

Master classes in Frankfurt

With Ginette Laurin/O Vertigo (CAN) on March 8th, with Kader Attou, Compagnie Accrorap (F) on March 22nd in the Knstlerhaus Mousonturm / Probebhne 1, 4th floor, Waldschmidtstr. 4, 60316 Frankfurt am Main.

March 1st and 2nd
Advanced training for dancers, choreographers and dance educators in Munich

As part of access to dance. Tanzplan Mnchen, Dance and Context I, partnering training for school projects will be provided by Eva M. Bader und Andreas Abele. Participants will work on body awareness and be sensitised to working with a partner. Using elements of improvisation and composition, lifting and catching figures will be created and further developed. Individual elements of partnering training will be taught according to the different degrees of difficulty and age groups in Dance and School Projects.

March 2nd to 9th
Dance theatre for the littlest kids, aged 2 and over in Dsseldorf

Meins! by A. Kramer / U. Jakobsen / S. Schnitzler (D): Two dancers and a musician use sounds, rhythms, tones and bodies to tell two year-olds about home. They dance and investigate what can happen between inside and out, familiar and strange, mine and yours. How can I recognise my home? What give the feeling of security? Who should share my home with me? Who am I when I leave my own four walls?

March 5th
Premiere in Bremen

corps solide: The cooperation between French string duo ANDA and the choreographers and a concert by the musicians came about during a residency of several weeks by the musicians in Bremen, which was made possible by Institut Franais Bremen.

March 15th
Lectures and Talks in Mnchen

As part of access to dance - Tanzplan Mnchen, and Dance and Context II, Dr. Katja Schneider and Dr. Daniela Rippl give a lecture on Theatricality and Performativityat Caf Muffathalle, before the performance of Menske by Wim Vandekeybus/Ultima Vez. Entry is free.

March 16th
Workshop with Hanna Hegenscheidt/Angharad Davies

The first part of the workshop will deal with the Klein Technique as an aesthetically neutral approach to training and to constructing a physical presence. Starting with the skeleton and working with gravity, the technique developed by Susan Klein (NY) initiates a learning process that makes it possible to change old patterns of movement and create new connections in the body.
The second part of the workshop will be about the methods of working, performance qualities and composition techniques that go to make up pieces by Hanna Hegenscheidt and her performers. Text and movement materials will be developed in improvisations on concrete everyday situations and states and brought into structures like episodes.

March 17th to 20th
Professional Classes | Guests in Hamburg

Every month guest trainers are invited to teach for four days at a stretch. Kerstin Kussmaul is curating the guest programme for 2008 and has invited Fiona Gordon (Hamburg) for March. Important technical aspects of Fiona Gordons teaching include: letting weight down onto the floor through releasing and plis, swinging and rolling techniques, working with the muscles as economically as possible to find out which parts of the body are active and which are passive, thus using strength and energy as necessary, and feeling how energy flows through the bodys centre and into the extremities.

March 30th
Take-off Youngsters Dusseldorf

Dance theatre for everyone aged 12 and over. Under the direction of choreographer Gerda Knig, pupils from the Hulda Pankok Gesamtschule and pupils from the Rheinische Frderschule fr krperliche und motorische Entwicklung together present their mixed-abled production Wheel me up. Extracts from the youth productions Battle your own life by Guido Markowitz and Rochus Aust and MOV(I)E-Production by Amelie Jalowy and Nora Pfahl will also be shown.1049

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